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what do you recommended upgrades for a newby?

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Hi everyone. Finally bought my first land rover. Its a 90 hard top. Ive had a few minor set backs but was ableto sort myself. Fuel leak off pipes split and lost power up a hill. Sound deadening dropped and lodged accelerator in full. The usual light problems.

I have patched up rust, had the timing belt, bushes changed. I have just bought a t max split charge system for a very reasonable price £86 inc delivery. I have added a anderson jump start socket to battery box as my seats are from a subaru.

I have made my own headling front and rear. Doesnt look bad. Makes it quiet and warm. (£50 for 15M x 1.5m of fabric from a guy in Halifax) I cut hardboard to size, used a wall paper steamer to steam the ends and bent to follow roof shape

My question is what other upgrades should I get. Not going to be serious offroading but I use it on a day to day basis. We have bad winters and a few country lanes.

Any upgrade suggestions.

Ill be adding photos of the interior once my toolbox and home made dog gaurd have been fitted.

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Welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of Land Rovers!

Spend your money on good tyres, BFG all terrains or the like.

Other than that, add something to allow you to tow and be towed and that's your lot.

Defenders are fantastic just as they are, anything else is just window dressing really. Take the opportunity to learn how to drive her well and you'll be grand!

Then get her serviced, serviced and serviced.



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As above. Drive it and decide what modifications YOU feel are necessary and not what other people (who may use their vehicle for completely different uses) THINK you should do. LR got it right and a standard vehicle straight out of the factory is a very capable machine.

As already said it is already capable so if it is to be a daily driver then it needs to be reliable, affordable and comfortable. Regular servicing will take care of two of those and the third you can work out as you get used to it.

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little jobs like making sure heater controls correctly set up. relay your headlights , and make sure decent units eg crystal syle or hella H4 . Check wiper wheel boxes for wear. door seal rubbers to prevent drafts. If you get really bad snow where you are might be worth getting a set of decent tyre chains. Htsh

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Get some of those demister adaptations that do your side windows as well, then perhaps a heater fan speed upgrade, or there was a recent project to fit a PTC heater in to help things along.

Storage is a big issue, its a huge failing for a lot of people, and I don't just mean in a 90 - my garage is bad, so's my work. Get some storage nets or boxes so keep all the odds and ends together in. Sort some means of tying things down like a mudstuff cargo track or one of the commercial equivalents. You don't want loose stuff flying around in an accident - I know, I've been there!

Most importantly, security. X-Eng do a great pedal-box securing 'door' (unfortunately not available for my series yet) and also some gear stick locks. Sort yourself out some other security device, like maybe a fuel cutoff switch or a clutch hydraulic lock, and then a couple of trackers, just in case it goes for a drive in the night.

Then enjoy it, most importantly!

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As said above - drive it and see what you find yourself wanting to improve. The number 1 thing that can make any LR better is maintenance, as very few people ever maintain them properly - there's a lot more in the service book than just changing the oil & filter every once in a while.

If you need to rely on it to get you about in bad winters this is absolutely critical, there's nothing worse than your faithful Defender letting you down just as you need it.

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Thanks for the advice, I know what you are saying, each to there own for requirments and upgrades. I have virtually lined all the interior metal surfaces with bitumen flashing. (ebay 5 rolls for £25) on my decibel reader, it went from 94 down to 86. now that the headling is up and dog partition it is around 70 (50mph-ish, I get alot of wobble going any higher)

as for tyres it came with Kuhmo mud terrains and they seemed to get me through 2ft of untouched snow back in march.

i have the beginning of next week of so will fit the split charge system and take photos of the headling (not as tidy as a factory version, but is slightly higher up).

i might be calling at mud uk next week, I have seen a awning light bar that looks like a good rear work light.

I am saving my pennies for the pedal box, brilliant bit of kit, saves me lugging the wheel lock into the back everytime i drive it.

Also on my few days off (weather permitting) I am going to attempt to spray the landrover, I have a gun and compressor, I attempted to use some cans mixed from Halfords (OOPS) never again, one can was a different colour, another can dicided to squirt a big thumping line in the middle of the spray and it still didnt match the rest of my landy.

Im gonna attempt to fix this.

Thanks again guys

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I presume you have to do something about the asthmatic mouse that is the heater/blower to get these to work properly....

I *think* these were the original ones: http://www.defenderdemister.com/

I do think they would complement a heated screen as you wont miss the air on the windscreen as much.

My heated screen is currently under my bed.... must get the blasted thing fitted, then i can wire it in and use it!!

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(50mph-ish, I get alot of wobble going any higher)

If you are saying you are getting 'steering wobble' at speeds over 50mph, you have a problem which needs sorting far more urgently than any 'upgrades'.

Likely causes are:

Worn panhard rod bushes or

Loose panhard mounting bolts or

Not enough pre load on the swivel pins or

combinations of the above, which can be made more prominent by wheels out of balance or buckled wheels to name a few.

Hope this helps,

Regards, Diff.

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