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Looking For Some Of These


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It's funny - Nick & I were talking a couple of days ago about how I managed to almost tear off one of my rear arm chassis mounts - in a french supermarket (using the 'off-road' exit which involved a big concrete step)

How about, as an alternative, just weld a bit of plate onto the underside of the chassis to act as a ramp?


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would they be copyrighted? or ok to replicate ay suggestions

If you could make one, then you could be charged with 'passing off' only if you tried to sell one suggesting it was made by the original manufacturer.

A charge of breach of intellectual copyright would similarly not stick if you made no attempt to sell, or to distribute [eg to friends] in significant numbers.

Usual test would be whether you were doing it for personal gain, or to damage market prospects for the original manufacturer.

So, making one for your own use would be basically OK, particularly if you introduced a novel element of shape or other feature - change an angle or two, if it really bothered you.

Frankly, who would see it? And think of the plethora of steering guards on sale - how different are they in practice....remember that the basic design parameters were set by Land Rover, and they've shown no inclination to stop aftermarket suppliers.

Go for it.


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You know my Ball jointed rear radius arms?


Or click here

I wondered about extending the plate which bolts on to the chassis in such a way as to form a ramp and protect the hanger. Main trouble is the lack of anywhere nearby to bolt it on to.

I guess that's why the ones above are so enormous!

It might be possible to fold something such that it clamps round the chassis I suppose?

I'll have a think!


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Graham (and Mo)

It's a plate bolted to the underside of your chassis which protects the sticky-outey bit that the rear radius arms attach to. It drops below the chassis and occasionally gets caught up on stuff.

I think they are also designed to protect the chassis rails themselves. The chassis sometimes get a bit squashed & dented when you land on rocks - but this is far less of a problem on a 90.


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