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    Can't comment on strength upgrades but as far as a locking diff goes I would always prefer one I have total control over - air locker for me. Auto lockers are a misnomer as they are actually auto un-lockers and if they don't unlock they can introduce some interesting handling characteristics. Side slopes spring to mind! Just my 2p. There will be plenty of other opinions along shortly I am sure!
  2. Simon, if you are not already a member, I strongly recommend joining fullfatrr.com - you'll get all your questions answered and more over there.
  3. Front sensor cables are definitely longer.
  4. A few laps of the ring road is surely your most expeditious route to the MOT test station from your house so book it in.
  5. That looks like incredible value... any idea on quality?
  6. If you have no luck on here, try posting on fullfatrr.com - they are very knowledgeable on L322's. The luddites on here think cart springs are the pinnacle of technology!
  7. I am going to be controversial and say box and tube! Here's what I made a few years ago.
  8. Looking good! Can I suggest you beef up your temporary bracing? Would hate to see all that right-angled loveliness turn into err... not right angles! 🙄 especially given your track record with outbuildings and the wind!
  9. Another recommendation for budget wheel skates that can take more than a bag of rice please? ( a Disco 2 to be exact!)
  10. Any recommendations please for tall axle stands to support a disco 2 body above the chassis that I need to repair? I have recollections of some military trestle that they used to hold the whole front of a vehicle 3 or so feet up in the air ? Not sure I need that but definitely need something taller than my collection of "normal" height stands! Thanks.
  11. Just so you know 😮 Welding fumes are carcinogenic
  12. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  13. I have a Disco 2, what do you think I'll be doing!! 🤣🤣
  14. I would be warry of the V6 diesel. they have a design fault that means they snap cranks. Two friends with Discoverys in the village have had this happen - one in warranty, one not...… I agree with @L19MUD - the 4.4TDV8 with 8 speed box is an amazing machine - I love my 61 plate FFRR.
  15. For what it is worth, I had a small CNC mill and still have a small manual lathe but cannot access it at present. Once you have had machine tools you really miss them when they're gone - a bit like a vice or a welder! So many occasions I have thought I'll just throw that in the lathe or in the mill only to realise I can't . Turning useful metal into swarf is also very therapeutic I find! My top tip - decide how big a machine you want and then buy bigger! Small machines suffer with lack of stiffness and general capacity to hold parts and make cuts in less than a million passes. On the other hand, bigger machines are, well, bigger and will need 3 phase. In order of priority - lathe with a decent throw followed by mill. CNC was fun for a bit but the novelty soon wore off watching with heart in mouth in case it skips a step or snaps a tool. Whilst manual machining is more limited it is way more satisfying. Check out Keith Fenner on YouTube to see what you can achieve with manual machines. Good luck!
  16. Looking good! You mention that you're going to paint it. Be careful with your choice of paint - most require at least 6 months of curing before painting to prevent out-gassing of the concrete blistering the paint. I did find one when I did the floor in my old garage about 7 years ago that was OK for 28 days although it was very expensive. Can't remember what it was called sorry but it was a 2 part paint so I am guessing it was epoxy. My new garage floor is now 4 months old and I am almost at the point where I can get all the house carp out of it and prepare it to receive a pile of rusty land rover...! Weighing up floor paint options now and think I will risk the Leyland paint which gets a good review. Their data sheet says "several months" so worth a punt I think.
  17. You have to deploy the steps and then immobilise them - button next to sunroof switch on a L322, not sure about L 405 but leaving a door open should stop that side moving.
  18. With shocks that long you will need to change turrets and fit spacers to the gearbox cross member or your prop will hit it. (you need to do the second bit for +2" so will definitely need to for anything longer)
  19. Well the bumper obviously needs to be stood up straight and then perhaps the two vertical bolts will fit? Sadly it appears that the bumper you bought doesn't use the lashing eye bolt holes too to make it a 6 bolt attachment which is preferable but not he end of the world.
  20. My marbles are missing. Can you help Nige?
  21. Wot Bowie said - David can make anything.
  22. Possibly the xyz switch on its way out?
  23. So as part* of some extensive remodelling of my place I have of course specced a new man cave: 6.5m x 6m with 4.5 x 2.5m door... oh..... and 3 phase when I want it . All I have to do now is decide what to put where...... *Most.
  24. Good luck with your new mill. I had one similar to that in the past and had a lot of fun. Biggest headache is the lack of height adjustment of the head without losing your centre....
  25. If you need building regs for this be aware that the proximity of trees (even recently deceased ) will impact on the required depth of your footings. Chat with your building inspector before pouring anything. I only know this as one wall of my new garage has 2.1m deep footings...... thanks to the building inspector......
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