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LED headlights

steve b

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Oh yes, that is true.  They don't do the heated one in ECE configuration.  :(  The 27291C is your only real choice for UK use as the granny state will look at your lights and complain.


I don't have LEDs.  I'm using the Truck-Lite 27004 halogen lights.  Much cheaper!!  Fully waterproof, long life 9007 bulbs.  I'm quite happy with them.  Nice and bright with a great beam pattern.  I ran Hella ECE lights before that, but got tired of the water ingress every time I played submarine.

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7 hours ago, Chicken Drumstick said:

Another option is to just run some good LED bulbs. Heck of a lot cheaper. 


"be prepared to lubricate the cooling fan every 10-15 days..." - hmmmm no...

I've been looking at these bulbs for some time but there's just been something about them that I've held off... I just don't see them lasting very long in a landy at all.

I installed some angel eye type ones that where purchased from flat dog for a mate, he seems pretty happy with them and its been over a year now.

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I have the gen1 JW Speakers on the 110 and am very happy with them, apart from occasional icing in the snow they are great. That being said, they were fitted by the previous owner, not sure I could stomach the price to buy them new.

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I'm undecided on my Trucklites. They took me a long time to get used to. The light is a white colour and some tarmacs are not lit well (especially if there are other light sources around - other cars, street lights etc). There is also a black area directly in front of the car that doesnt affect driving at all (as you arent looking there) but also takes some getting used to! In the pitch black though (like country lanes) and on black tarmac they are excellent. Its really hard to explain my love/hate of them (love is a bit strong). They are at the cheaper end of the LED market, but perfectly useable. I wouldnt spend more on LED lights, but perhaps you get what you pay for?

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On 17/11/2017 at 11:18 AM, reb78 said:

IThere is also a black area directly in front of the car that doesnt affect driving at all (as you arent looking there) but also takes some getting used to! 

The Gen 2 TL's have apparently fixed this. I have the same Gen 1 lights, in 90% of conditions they are brilliant - however there's a 10% that's something to do with the ambient light and the road, it seems to be especially when the road is damp, when they don't seem to light up the road much. I fitted the old Wipac clear units with Phillips uprated bulbs that came off the 110 in the MX5 a few weeks ago, and they are noticeably worse than the Trucklites - almost to the point of me considering getting another set...

If you look on ebay you can get some 'Lite Truck' rip-offs for about £120 now, however I don't think they are a lot of kop - there's some threads about them on defender2.net..

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