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As you will know that when the D2 was introduced LR removed the diff lock capability on the gearbox simply by removing the lever and adding traction control as an alternative.

I am about to change the gearbox on my D2 and the transfer box has the capability for the difflock to be retrofitted. It would seem madness to me not to try and add this to my car when I have easy access. I have made a plate that fits to the actuator however when I played with the lever there appeared to be three positions. I always was led to beleive that the difflock was either in or out and that there was no neutral. Is that the case or is there a third position?

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25 minutes ago, lo-fi said:

There are indeed three detents, only two of which (middle and one outer) are selectable with the control lever properly set up. 

So I don't have a busted transfer box then. 

I haven't yet worked out yet how to activate it. The proper lever is £355 so that is a non starter.

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The D2 Hi Lo lever as standard just moves back and forward. I think the kit allows a left right shift for engaging the Diff lock. I think I can set a cable up to move the lever easily enough at the gearbox end was thinking about an electrical actuator at the cab end


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You need the gearbox shift lever housing and the difflock actuator and mounting off a D1make that work.

Remove the current shift lever housing and transfer the stick and springs etc over and refit, then bolt down the difflock lever and linkages.   You will also need a D1 hi/lo actuating lever for the T/C as there is a difference between the 2, the D2 is straight and the hi/lo linkage won't line up properly, the D1 linkage is doglegged and that lines the selector rod up nicely.


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