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Poorly LT230

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On the way home from work, a bit of a clunk & some screeching from below floor in gearbox area, after dropping front diff oil & checking the magnetic drain plug, all was good, so refilled with fresh oil, rotated both props as the screech sounded like a dry UJ, but these were all good & were lubricated while under the 110, so next stop was remove the transfer box fill/level plug this is a magnetic one as well, Oh lots of bits, looked like a heavily loaded Xmas tree, cleaned it off & found some of the bits in first photo,

so next was drain the oil & drop the big sump off the transfer box,

second photo & as it came off some more bits dropped out, the inside of sump was covered in bits of something, 

so once the oil finished draining, I found the intermediate gear sitting a bit cock eyed, & looks like the rear bearing on the shaft has failed, so made the short video.

next job is to remove the transfer box & then remove the intermediate gear & its shaft, I'm hoping the damage is just to the rear bearing 


bits in sump.jpg

parts diagram.jpg

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Let's hope there was sufficient movement in the bearing to allow those rollers that have clearly been between some teeth to pass through without chipping anything.

How many miles on this box, Ralph? I'm sure you have it noted somewhere :p



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I think , with the amount of fine debris in the bottom of the pan and the hammered look of the rollers , a full strip down and cleaning of all bearings might be wise ?

In reality I'd be thinking about a re-con exchange unit ... the gear train will not have enjoyed any part of the failure .


Steve b

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from experience the LT230 tolerates a lot of abuse, I stripped one which had been running for unknown thousands of miles with intermediate gear circlips collapsed so intermediate gear was loose on shaft with no adverse affects on gear teeth.

Just finished this LT230. Previously reconditioned not very well (company unknown), had just been chucked together with no regard to correct shimming.

Now has sleeved casing, Q gear set, hardened intermediate shaft, late diff housing and shift dog with enlarged splines, one piece Ashcroft diff spider and Timken bearings throughout, shimmed and set up correctly. 




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2 hours ago, FridgeFreezer said:

I've got three words for anyone reading this thread:


You can get gen parts for some things, Nige sells some insanely strong ones (surprise!), or any hydraulics shop should be able to sell you one with a magnet in.

Every lt230 ever made comes with magnetic drain plug anyway

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14 minutes ago, oneandtwo said:

Every lt230 ever made comes with magnetic drain plug anyway

I can only assume I've had ones where a plug has been replaced then, because I've definitely had ones without.

Same goes for any drain plug though - sump, diff, gearbox.

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This transfer box & both axles have magnetic plugs from xcess4x4, there is no damage on the gears inside, 

Video will appear later. 


Found this bit of damage on rear bearing carrier, the gear that sits on main gearbox shaft is fine too



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7 hours ago, FridgeFreezer said:


Coulnd't agree more. Three front crown wheel bolts of our 110 broke and chipped some teeth. The drained oil showed nothing but literally one tiny single flint, despite the presence of plenty of shrapnel in there. With magnetic plugs I wouldn't have suspected and disassembled the LT230.


11 hours ago, oneandtwo said:

shift dog with enlarged splines,


Out of curiosity: who supplies these?



2 hours ago, western said:


Amazing that all teeth survived. Have you had the opportunity to check the condition of the intermediate shaft holes yet?



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