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OT but this is genius

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The Sloganiser:


Unfortunately the best results are using rude words so I can't post the one that nearly made me fall off my chair laughing :rolleyes:

Although "To Our Members, We're The Fourth A******" works quite well.

Whoever invented this deserves a Nobel prize.

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Trying to get on topic, tried "Land Rover" and it was quite appropriate :

"Its different with a Land Rover"

"Any Time, Any Place, Land Rover"

"Youre in good hands with Land Rover"

V8 gave me:

"We're Always Low V8."

"Theres always time for a V8"

there was something to do with V8s and water too... hmm

TDi gave me:

"Take Two Bottles into the Tdi?"

all great, until Low range gave me:

"Low Range really satisfies"

hmm, I do agree with that, the Low ranges do really satisfy!

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Things Go Better with X-Eng

Welcome to X-Eng Country

Get X-Eng or Get Out

Only X-Eng has the Answer :)

though I also got

Don't be an Amber X-Eng ......... Amber is a kind of orange isn't it? :hysterical:

Just like X-Eng Used to Make (send that one to Colin....!!)

Gee your X-Eng Smells Terrific :blink::unsure:


Ribbed for Her X-Eng. :ph34r:

As for me....

Everything We Do Is Driven By Bogmonster

Nobody Better Lay A Finger On My Bogmonster

The Ultimate Bogmonster Machine B)

Devon Knows How They Make Bogmonster So Creamy? :ph34r:

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