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Good day gone down to earth with a bump


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Flippin' eck... that's nasty. But not nearly as nasty as if there'd been someone's vehicle or worse, a person, caught in it. Hope the insurance pays up.

I'm always wary of welding near flammables having had to rescue a mate from a workshop as he set fire to a metal bin full of oily rags that was stood between him and the exit/fire extinguisher :blink:

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reminds me, a couple of weeks ago when altering the mounts for the cage under the arch.....Mmmmm "that feels bluddy hot"...I thinks.....

stopped welding. bit of cardboard I used as a template had caught fire......

and set the Simex on fire :o ........mad panic....££££££'s flashing in front of my eyes, got the cheapo extinguisher out of the front and a quick squirt and it was out....Phew, Nice burn mark on the tyre though

Best you have a proper tidy up now then Rob :D

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The electrics of the four post are in the part of the shed that has fried.

Our local shropshire star news paper has put my fire as a small colum section on the front page.

Something along the line of "2 fire crews attend a fire with hazardous gas bottles"

So far without sifting through and working out exactly I have jotted down a list that has gone over £10,000.

The top box In the photo was a Snap on one with tools that I had started collecting from my teens.

The alloy on the front of the box has melted off some draws and although some of the spanners are now black and covered in melted plastic goo I am not sure how serviceable they would be?

Insurance assesor type bloke is coming round on Tuesday morning.

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