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WRONG way to test your snorkel

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He needs to go on an outback expedition alone

Now if that wasn't an advert for the need of natural selection I don't know what is!!

I mean Nissan should really ask for the keys to be returned as he should not be allowed to drive the vehicle from a brand protection point of view

It gave me a really good laugh it must be a windup

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I think he's got bigger problems than spelling and "o's" hahaha

Surely it's a windup? No one and I mean No one can be that daft can they!! Not even the fella who put the RV on cruise control and popped in the back for a kip!!! (Could be urban legend)

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I don't think the starter would have enough force to damage the engine. Bending a con rod or breaking a piston takes engine force I think. Water is not compressible, so I guess the starter will just not crank the engine. Getting the water out would be fun - turning the engine over by hand with the glow plugs and/or injectors out would clear the cylinders, but there may be other places where water might be - such as the inlet manifold, air box, etc. So any left in the intake system may well be sucked into the engine once it starts and then serious damage might occur.

The guy is either the most stupid man on the planet, or it's a wind-up.


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