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Hello, new defender owner

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If you keep on top of servicing & the odd little bits of maintenance required along the way, they are actually a very reliable vehicle for what they are capable of doing. The best bit about Defenders is everything is serviceable / fixable by mere mortals and there is a huge amount of help & advice available (not least on here) if you have a problem.


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Ah the Haynes book of lies.. get yourself a proper LR workshop manual it really is worth the money as is the parts book.

why the parts book?? when you followed the HBoL and got something off and then it says "reassembly is the reverse of steps to 1-50"

the parts manual shows you how and the order the parts go back together to form an assembly, and when you need bits you can get the right parts 1st time by giving the part #

welcome to the world of scarred hands, a smell of EP90 on every item of clothing you own. however you will be welcomed everywhere, no-one cuts you up on the road & come winter or when their car fails to start you will be everyone's mate.

regards all


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