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Front turret removal

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Next job is front damper renewal......

I know how to gain access to the turret nuts, my issue is that they are badly corroded and rusty!...... removing the wheel i can grind off the front x2 if need be!?! Any ideas or solutions how to remove the back x2 nuts if the round off and can't gat a socket or spanner on them???

I see another @#$&¥%€ INTERESTING job in the making!?!

Oh and i DON'T have any welding gear!

Cheers Andy 

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Chances are as said above you'll just shear off the mount studs, so make sure you get some new ones on order. After I replaced the stud ring last time I stack the studs with nuts as to cover up all the thread then slap grease over them, stop you from having the rusty thread problem.

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Thanks guys liking ALL the advise. Got new retaining rings, galvy turrets, springs, dampers and nuts along with nice blue JCB grease!....

This is as i can see the only problematic bit i can foresee!?!....Do like the chisel idea as i have a couple i need to kill.

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If you're using a standard turret tube, bit of tip. Before you put the inner wing covers back on fill the whole top "cup" part of the turret (the bit where the nut is sitting) with some kind of grease. As it will fill with water thus the nut will be submerged which leads to the obvious. I installed galvanised turrets before Christmas and when I came to change the shocks a month ago, I already saw corrosion on the top shock stud, and had standing water up there too.

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Ah bless Paddy have you no ticky tape ya could use lad??? Sorry couldn't resist

Hopefully will have the parts early this week and as i am off will do the job as soon as i can.

And i will let you know of any pit falls i encounter to be sure, to be sure 😉

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Not to rain on anyone's parade but you could get what happened with one of mine and the thing didn't shear but broke free and starting spinning.

Absolute sod but luckily had access to a welder. Not sure how you'd manage otherwise.

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Well Paddy!......

I have removed o/s turret, retaining ring, damper, spring and spring retainer.

My way was to jack the motor up by the axle, wheel off and support axle with stand. Remove lower damper nut, jack up chassi, then using another Jack under the axle take the weight off the axle stand and lower the axle stand (so if you drop the jack too much the axle wont fall to the floor and rip out the brake line!), having lowered the axle as much as i dare i had to leaver out the spring, plus you HAVE to remove the damper cover in the engine bay on the wheel arch to be able to remove turret and damper which is a pain in the butt as you have to remove/pivet the coolant bottle!?!

But on the whole NO major issues other than awkward and time consuming. You will need something to stop the damper from rotating whilst removing the bottom nut, i used an oil filter clamp thing, the one with a small bike chain.

Just hope the near side is the same, would have done thst today too but i renewed stu axle seal and bearing, wheel  hub seal and bearings plus new brake pads. Busy day realy :)

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@bodumatau will give them a good check over once this rain has stopped, cheers for the advice. 

Paddy..... couple of points 1. If you get Galvanised turrets just check the locating washers of the damper fits, may need to enlarge the hole a fraction for it to seat in properly!?!

Point 2. When you get/buy the front dampers make sure it has BOTH sets of mounting washers and bushes!!! X1 of mine (Boge) didn't!?! So this has held the job up whilst i wait for a set to be sent from the suppliers!!! 




 are the only words i could come up with, that appropriately follow a string of expletives!!!!!!!!

Several dogs, a small group of young children and a large gang of Hells Angel's WERE hurt in the making of this!!!

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Thanks Mutley for the run through/advice/hints, all taken on board and thread saved.  The hole is small so no danger in leaving a few months until the sun shines.  I’ll certainly go galvanised.  Dampers are only a couple of years old so I shouldn’t suffer your frustration and need to decimate the local mammals.. 🤣 🤣

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