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EXTREEEME new landrover forum


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Just discovered this new forum all the people on it are really freindly and extremly knowledgeable, infact you could almost bow down to there technical prowess and the driving skill!! :blink: well these guys can get any lr anywhere! hell they even managed to get a P38 to climb a gatepost! B) :unsure:

Portal to total extremeness

enjoy my forumy freinds :ph34r::lol:


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Oh dear, I feel embarrassed for him :( He's just posting to himself and then replying to himself on the roof cleaning thread (2 pages on cleaning your roof !!!!!!!!!!!!! :unsure: ).

Shame :( He's obviously got problems.


I must say I found the extreme roof cleaning topic very informative and entertaining, a refreshing change from all that normal chat on this forum about dull things.

I am (exitedly) looking forward to the next topic...... ultimate carpet shampooing .....tyre tread depth gauge challenge?.....parking with one wheel in a puddle?

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