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Request for Forums knowledge on LR 3 and RR sports front & rear D


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Posted in International as affects multiple models

I'm getting more and more calls an emails surrounding both front and rear diff failures on LR3s and RR Sport diffs.

These are pretty much main dealer only exchange and serious and j mean SERIOUS money. ...enough to frighten a dare devil. ..

my knowledge on them is a bit too patchy. ..I know they suffer from bearing failures and thus us a bit of a mix of design faults and lack of oil changes. ..

one design fault is that imho running a duff on about 0.6 of a litre of oil is very little oil and if the oil changes are late or any contamination then the oil suffers and the diff promptly dies.


my question is why ate these dealer only ?

Why can't I at xcess 4x4 look at properly rebuilt refurbished units at a fraction of the price ??

Anyone know part numbers for bearings seals etc ?

Anyone know about any special tools again part numbers etc ?

Seems very odd that nobody Inc ashcroft does them. ...will ring dave for a chat but he's on hols at the moment

So thoughts znandd info and links and anything useful please ....

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On the oil front, many diff oils, and even gearboxes are sealed for life nowadays, you can get away with it with good synthetic oils, assuming no contamination - though I wouldn't do it :)

I'd be looking elsewhere for the failure modes, seals, bearings and wearing surfaces before blaming oils.

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Part number do seem to be "withheld" but there is every chancve if I get an knackered unit I can with some considerable work get Timken Equivalents.

I have been told by a couple of peeps that they are Dealer only as LR don't sell replacemnt bits etc, not sure this is 100% true, but I am a digging

and I love a challenge lol

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It has crossed my mind that your best bet may be to buy units from a written off crash damaged vehicle, if not the complete vehicle.

As you strip the units down you would get information from a trusted source, yourself.

You also get the opportunity to examine a part worn unit, which might help in diagnosing problems, and developing 'improvements'.

You can have the oils professionally analysed to help in the diagnosis.

You also have slave or development units, so you can 'practise' with the tools and techniques for rebuilds.


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This part of my plan !

Prob is finding them cheap ....lr insist on exchange units so they are not in skips to just hoioc out !

... buy units from a written off crash damaged vehicle, or perhaps the complete vehicle. ...

You buy from a vehicle that is being broken, or the complete broken vehicle, selling off the other parts.

I wasn't suggesting trying to buy units from a roadworthy car, you had already said that wasn't viable.

You need to break the log jam, laying out the cash the first time is the hard part, but after that it 'flows'.

Not that I'm offering sponsorship, of course!!

Good Luck

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Not that I'm offering sponsorship, of course!!


No problem, actually Si from X-Eng offerred me his Sport to take the diffs out and strip, decided that whilst its a hugely kind offer,

giving it back in 2 wheel drive and a box of bits saying um ...yeah sorry, was prob a bad idea for health reasons :rofl:

I have tracked down a front scrappy unit - still big money !

Onwards with the digging about :D


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Some of the issue may be that they are most are done under warranty, and I beleive that the faulty units are returned to the original manufacture. My FL2 rear diff started to get noisy and it was changed by LR. When speaking to the service chap, he said they just pack them up and send them back. They then get a new one in return.

There was a fault with them on the FL2 and instead of doing a recall they decided this way was cheaper, as if it has not been serviced as per the book it was no longer Land Rover's fault!!

Not sure if this is the same for the others but I think they share a lot of parts so can guess it may well be, the same issue, and covered by the same recall hence them wanting the exchange units to send back to get a new one.


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Even then Mike, i bet you if you had an old LT85 mainshaft bearing and a micrometer, you could find (with a bit of research) an off the shelf bearing from one of the big manufacturers..

Oh you can get the basic bearing, but these have a circlip groove in the outer diameter; very non standard. Anyway I think Nige's issue here sounds rather more complicated than that.

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Maybe the bearings are "landrover only" but they must be attainable from bearing manufacturer. Bearing production requires massive tooling/investment. Landrover do not manufacture there own bearings. They buy them in. I still believe that if you got a number from the bearing, you could find the original manufacturer.

The only problem i could see would be that an individual may not be able to purchase, as the original manufacturer may require a batch to be made. This makes it impossible for an individual who wants 1 or 2 bearings.

However if Nige is wanting to add it to his business, it may be viable for him to purchase a batch..

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