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Rubber Bulkhead Vent Seals

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im my experience the foam ones do not last very long, the rubber ones also seal better.

I use a small amount of 1K PU such as Tiger seal to tack them in place. Remember at some stage you may want to get them off.

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If you cant get the rubber ones to stick in place might want to give up rovers lol. Simple clean surfaces and the appropirate sikaflex has seen my rubber seals in service on my 98 110 for about 15 years. It has never been garaged.

A word of warning. The rubber seals are stiffer. The later ,300tdi at least, vent flaps are thinner material, and they end up deflecting and not sealing that well at full shut. From day one I was in the habbit of leaving them 2~3 notches off full shut unless raining, and most the time are full open still didnt stop it. When I eventually replace my rotted bulkhead, ill probabaly try the foam type again. Thinking off adding another layer of Alu to the outside of the vents to stiffen as well....

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