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Southeast Roll cage builders


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Are there any?

I know of QT, Performance and Protection and Tomcat but are there any cage builders in the Southeast?

I need a pair of ALRC cages to comp spec, on for an 86" s1, the other for an 88" s2a.

Both will be using truck cabs.

Any ideas?

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Never seen a P+P one in the flesh, but I've personally seen Qt ones. In fact i bought one. And sent it back again.......the bends are 'orrible.....

So wouldnt recommend QT ones. Ask SimonR about Tomcat ones - beleive the product was ok, but the customer service sucked.

Otherwise i dont know of anyone else in the south who can do it! I beelive there was a guy down bournemouth way that Tony Cordell recommended.

Thats why we ended up making our own in the end. That said there was a guy selling flat pack cages at sodbury this year for very reasonable money, and they didnt look bad! Sorry - no details however!


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They use P&P cages on the test vehicles at work, the bends are nice and well formed, and the welding seems good. Not seen a rolled one tho, yet

Before using P&P there were some cars fitted with cages that carried the plate "Custom Cages" i have no more info on them or where abouts they are, but as the name implied they were custom, and looked top-drawer

The flatpack cages at Sodbury were from Whitbread Offroad they seel on ebay a lot but the cages are not cds or mandrel bent

You pays yer money . . .


P.S. Ive got a new Truckcab cage for sale, originally built to suit an 88" chassis, unknown manufacturer but it is log booked and built to MSA spec (or so i was told when i bought it from GB Developments who advertise engines in the LR comics) Its just lying around unused as i have gone station wagon rather than truckcab on the 90. I have the chassis mounts too

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Bomag, Chris is pretty busy at the moment but I can give you his number if you like.

Tony had his cage made at Stunning's IIRC. They've done a few cages for forum members the most well know were cages for both the Read brothers. You can see Jules testing one of them BIG TIME here . They're not badly priced and fairly local.

As with all custom work, make sure whoever does it knows EXACTLY what you want, not what they think you want. Drawing (lots of) and visits during the job are well worth it.

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Cheers Jon.

Do you think your QT was a one off? Or do all QT cages have bad bends? What didnt you like about the bends?

I ordered one, and Nigel B ordered one at the same time. They were both as bad as each other. Every time I see the QT stand at a show I go and have a look to see if the bending as improved - it hasnt.

Not only were the hoops we ordered not square or parrallel, the actual bends themselves were not good due to deformation of the tube. Properly bent tube should have a smooth radius on the inside of the curve, the QT ones have terrible ripples in them, and dints on the outside of the curves from the bender. Look at the curves on mine or Niges truck (hoops were bent up by us with a manual bender on Nige's driveway) and you'll see smooth curves with no deformation.

Considering QT claim to bend their tube with a full mandrell bender IMHO the workmanship is poor.

Also bear in mind when pricing up cages, blue band tube when I bought it 2 years ago was £40 odd for a 7m length. I used 2 lengths just to add an external cage to my existing internal rear, so you're probably looking at 4 lengths for a full cage. Thats £160 (at 2 year old prices) of metal before you even start, and i know the price of steel has shot up in the last year!



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Before using P&P there were some cars fitted with cages that carried the plate "Custom Cages" i have no more info on them or where abouts they are, but as the name implied they were custom, and looked top-drawer

Probably from http://www.customcages.co.uk

Another one not metioned so far is http://www.rollcentre.co.uk

And I was sure there was another one called sommat like torque tube but that's an exhaust place

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Mine is a Stunning version.

One complaint I have though

The front outrigger mounts

the cage was welded to the rocksliders and the outrigger

I'd have preferred it just mounted to the outrigger

as I can't get the rock sliders off now.

without cutting/welding the mounts again

which I may well have to do. :(

but for the ££ great value

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Stunning services cages have saved my life four times

2 x 60mph end over four times and then barrel rolled.

1 x dropped car 15ft squar on it roof. only deflected about 13mm

the last time was only a few weeks ago and he was driving

every time walked away without somuck as a cut or scratch.

he will only make the cage to your car but he does do a collection service..

07809 273943.

Stunning services is one man Pete Barret there can be a small waiting list some times.

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Yep QT Very poor IMHO dreadful quality and the attitude was horrific, sisnce then I have heard the same from others.

Safety devices are they bust or in businesses this week ?....

Cages are not really up to much either IMHO

As Jon said ones at sodbury / whitbreads looked fair, but saves a load of work, still a load to do, prices not unreasonable.

P&P I have seen numerous bits of their dreadfull work, and attitude again, its somewhat "Variable" on the quality front

Sadly I didn't / don't know of anyone else whose work I have seen or experienced 1st hand thats why in the end (although we would have paied good money / tried to) made our own


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I can recommend these guys:


These guys are a spin off from Safety Devices and are the ones that I rate most from safety Devices.

Surely, Safety devices themselves can do you a reasonable cage as well, but when is anyones guess.


Hmmm Safety Devices. Ordered four cages for customers in, when was it, oh yes that right last MAY with an 8 week delivery time quoted (which was fine at the time) still waiting in November..... :angry: though I think they might at last be on their way (they'd better be or they can shove the order up their ar*e as indicated in the "Dear Sir, unless" letter I wrote a few weeks ago)

My advice would be don't bother unless you're not planning on needing it for a year because all you'll probably get is a load of excuses about moving to Poland etc etc blah blah.

A shame because I'd dealt with the original SD for a number of years and they were always good and fairly quick. I've got details from other suppliers and settled on the P&P ones for any future requirements having heard from a few people who were pleased with theirs.

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Hmm best not to think about what happens to the rear seat passengers head in that Discovery in a rollover, unless he is wearing a bone dome the head/cage interface could be redecorated in an interesting new colour called "hint of brain" :blink:

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Whereabouts in Derbyshire are you? Dave's workshop is just off the A50, my parents place is near Brailsford.

I live between Wirksworth and Matlock and work just outside of Ashbourne. Tornado will be very handy over the next few months ;)

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I know Tornado, didnt really think of them due to the distance, it was a long drive home when I bought his commercial!!!

In the process of joining SROC, they must have someone that most club members use as most of their stuff is CCV and Comp.

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If you mean Southern Rovers then I think alot of them use Angus + Howard Leat. Run a company called AHL Engineering. Not sure of a phone number but can dig 1 out for you if you require. I think they still trade. Their workshop is just outside Maidstone.

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