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  1. I've done a fair few too and if the old seal is poor have never hesitated to fit a new one.
  2. I've had several screen go over the years and they have usually gone due to gravel being thrown up from other vehicles. That said it only takes a tiny object hitting the screen at just the right speed / angle for it to cause a chip / crack / or shatter an old screen. You may never see or find the object that caused the breakage. There is an piece in the Tech Archive showing a pro replacing the screen on a previous Defender of mine.
  3. Insurance is likely to be higher on the D3.
  4. It only takes 1/2 a second to kill a cat. Seriously, belts will sometimes squeal just after startup due to cold or condensation etc. Check them for tension / glazing etc.
  5. Any cats gone missing around your way?
  6. Does anyone got a copy they would care to share? TIA
  7. When trying to access photobucket this morning I got a message that they were undergoing routine maintenance.
  8. It all looks pretty much the same so I should think a TD5 one would fit.
  9. I always think it's a good idea to run a pencil around the hinges to mark their position before you start undoing things to provide a good point of reference once you start adjusting.
  10. I hear that amongst other things Ralph can turn water into wine and create a four course feast for 5000 people with only a few fish heads and a few breadcrumbs and he is only a Mod ....us Admins have powers far, far beyond mortal comprehension Yes this useful site has been mentioned quite a few times and it's also listed in the tech archive.
  11. Those are common corrosion areas. I'm not sure what kind of redress you are after?
  12. The standard unit in my XS will play mp3 discs.
  13. Aye, get the welding sorted before you start slopping the Waxoyl about (now when I say slopping I really mean applying the rust preventative with due care and diligence using the appropriate equipment)
  14. I like the countersunk screws but good results can also be achieved using good quality closed end countersunk pop rivets too.
  15. Ok squirting was probably not the best choice of words but that's basically what it is - substitute spray or inject if you prefer. Over the years this subject has been pretty well covered which means there have been plenty of threads both here (example) and elsewhere where people have provided info how to do the job, what you need to do to reach areas. Anyhow the OP was looking for leads on places that apply it in the East Anglia region.
  16. I'm on the Suffolk / Norfolk border and although I do not do it commercially over the years I have Waxoyled a fair few Land Rovers and other things. Even with the most rudimentary tools the whole process is not a difficult one and doing the job yourself means you know it has been done properly. That said for a few quid any of the commercial vehicle or plant fixers around here should be able to steam clean your vehicle and most of independent LR specialists around should be able to squirt a bit of Waxoyl about. Give Mansfield Motors in Bury or Mark Peacock in Stradbroke a shout.
  17. I'd fit new waist rubbers and new damp barrier sheeting that is glued between the door proper and trim card. Stock up on spare door card fixings and inserts etc.
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