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Back From Sodbury, What ya Bought???


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So come on then tell us what you bought any bargains???

I had a great day, weather fantastic had a fantastic run there and back in great time. It was nice to meet Richard hope the bumper comes good for you.

My only purchase was a truck cab roofrack but it was cheap! :lol:

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I'd planned to meet Nige and track down a decent winch.

However, work took a turn for the worse on Thursday (will find out if I still have a job next week!) so I decided to hold back on buying "toys".

So, ended up with a pair of head rests, some seat covers and a few stickers.

Still, there's always the next one in October!

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I actually made money! met Mike and sold him two alloys, and then only brought a bling bling V8 badge to go on the 109, nearly brought a Clark Mast clamp but RogueTrooper wouldn't let me as he was muttering something about getting the gearbox fixed before adding a 12 Metre PU12 Clark Mast :rolleyes:

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2 hinges to fit the tailgate to my truckcab, 2 new winch hooks, (need help/advice with splicing plasma), 3 polo shirts, 1 fleece for SWMBO, X-Eng rad plug thing, The 1 thing I really needed was a Lazy Tong Riveter. Not 1 to be found in the whole site :angry: :angry:

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me and the better half have decided to sell the house this summer and there was some element of guilt at the thought of adding more useful things to the house, especially as we just made a list of all the things we are going to get rid of.

So in light of this I restrained myself, plus there is always the october sodbury and maybe and april one before we head off down under.

In the end I bought two winch hooks, which we have confirmed makes an excellent quick release tow rope and two bulkhead repair panels (£10 for pair). To be honest, nothing really, really caught my eye there either.

Saw a few of the forumeers, but they all looked busy so didn't bother them. Did get quite tempted to see if Jez was taking cards for his uber tough rear arms and talked them up to a mate who was along.

nice weather, usual traffic wait/weight :). Best thing was got see a few club members that I haven't seen in ages as I am too busy in work.


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Picked up a Disco 2 ARB bumper while in the que.

set of 36"x12.50 simex ext 2's for the Range Rover mmmm maybe not so practical any more....

silicon Td5 hose set for the disco.

The new T-max Aus competition winch from Bearmach.

Loads of little bits and bobs odds and sods

set of GP seat covers for my big brother.

Oh and my Range Rover decided to hurl one of its light guards at moglits Bighorn on the A36 at 70 mph on the way home

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4x rear brake callipers ,one set had new pads £20, Brand new 120 amp alternator £35 , Cubby box £10 , LH ball joint £ 2 (new OE) Wolf door and top £10 , 12mm bow rope 100 ft £ 189 .

The most vile breakfast roll £2.80

And a free calliper from Orgasmic Pikey , Cheers Mark , I see you must of made a few quid judging by your note book :D

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I was pleased - didnt spend as much as i was expecting....

Got a driver side mat, drivers side (dented) door(?), front middle seat, pair of side windows for rear, new re-trim kit for drivers side seat, oh and a chrome A bar which i didnt notice the dent on until i was waiting for my change.... :angry:

Missed a door skin which i ummed and argghed about - then went back and it had gone....

Otherwise, great weather - and a great day out.

Was it me or did there seem to be less stalls this time - i noticed the field to the left of the toilets was used for parking and not stalls.

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Well I sold a few things and only bought a pair of SU's so I came away with more cash in my pocket.

Saw a few people off here, was pitched right across from Orgasmic Pikey.

Thought it was quiet though for such a nice day. Maybe due to it being easter weekend. Anyone else selling think trade was slow?

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Guest diesel_jim

Got a brand new 110 rear caliper for my "salisbury disc braked conversion", so that's now complete.

nearly new 7.50 XZL to add to my "set" i'm gathering.

decent 127/130" wide rim to add to my set. -"- -"-

some rat packs (cheers walfy!)

a Thomas bin for the back of the 110

haggling with a nice workshop compressor, either myself or Andy Chaplin will have it.

some super thin 4" cutting discs

drooled at the reconditioned salisbury front axles,

nice camel 110's there, a nice white 110 SW with all the camel kit, very tidy and unobtrusive.

some nice totty there too..... :ph34r::ph34r:

i now have a wolf rim for sale if anyone needs one?

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Yeah, there were less stalls and the "organisation" of the traffic was rubbish, all that queuing on the A34 and then vast empty space as soon as you got through the gate! <_<

Still, I did OK:

4x BIG axle stands £25

A lower dash for a couple of quid

Radiator grille for a couple of quid (and then everyone kept telling me they had a better one I could've had :rolleyes: ho hum got it now)

A PAS pump pulley

A 20-ton bottle jack

4x RR headlights for father for £2 (thanks Andy!)

A steering bar for little_nay for nowt courtesy of Mr Warne

A big oil cooler for £2

A decent "poo" shovel for russia for £10 (Jez assures me this is a worthwhile investment)

A V8 aircon pump & mount for a fiver

A timing light for £2

A couple of 1/4" socket rails for nowt, some bloke was giving them away :huh: didn't ask questions just grabbed 'em :lol:

A dipstick for the V8

A bison burger (mmmmm, Bisony goodness)

And I picked up my hand-made TIG'ed fuel tank from Jez which will give me something to do tomorrow B)

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i to drooled over the cheap underdrive & and the over priced simex, but alas could only find a few silly bits to buy , bumped into adrian & a few others i know , so was as allways a good day out :D

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I only got sunburn and a Allbright clone solenoid pack.

But I did sell loads of useful items, and I'm well up on the day :)

I managed to get rid of even more stuff at the dump on the way home.

Damn good day - execpt the 70mph light-guard - next time I'll go in front :o

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Bacon and egg roll and luke warm coffee outside gate while waiting to go in - £3

Series upper tailgate in perfect condition,had to buy the whole hardtop but it was only £60.

Series 2 wing minus outer - perfect- £1 (I seem to get through them).

Beautiful weather.Fewer stalls.Over priced simex.

Met lots of people who I didn't expect to see,and didn't see lots of people who I know were there.

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