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Matt Neale

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Blizzards & Heavy Snow

Affecting Bridgend, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd, Isle Of Anglesey, Neath Port Talbot, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Swansea & Wrexham

Heavy snow showers and northwesterly gales will give blizzard conditions at times through Thursday night and into Friday morning. Heaviest snowfall is expected over hills and mountains where 15-25cm of lying snow is possible in places. Up to 5cm of lying snow is likely at low levels inland. The public are advised to take extra care.

Sounds like Postman Pat snow!


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It's snowing here in crappy Swindon, and has been for over an hour. It wasn't settling initially, but the temperature is dropping and now there's a 1/2" layer over pretty-much everything. The sky appears loaded with snow, and although it's not falling heavily, it seems relentless. Local yoofs are bunging snowballa made from the thicker snow on parked vehicles. Be interesting to see how thick it is in the morning.

Les. :)

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Oh goody - snow forecast from 0100 hours. 0600 hours will see me out, for the first time, in £250,000 worth of Scania coach to Gatwick and back. Cosmic.

ROFL! ;)

Try not to break it then Jon.... Not sure I've got enough T-Cut to sort out the panels on something that size....


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heres pretty much the same, although only 4".

stuck the car in the hedge 3 times trying to get up the hill from the house before retiring to home to collect Rover and drop the misses at the station! that took ages as it was. then decided the normal 1hr 30 commute was out of the question, so i won't be going in today!

Matt - if you need help i will be here!

Note - Neglected to mention to work that i have a rover!!

Not many cars around though!!!!

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The Quantocks at 0645 or so


my car after clearing it, attempting to drive it to work, putting it back on the dirve and returning an hr and bit later!


And its still snowing.

Q: Anyone know why people driving ability is sooo bad in the snow, you would have thought common sense would say leave a little more room than usual and don't pull out on front of people! but obviosuly not.

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The Quantocks at 0645 or so

You lucky people you get best of both worlds nice and warm in the summer and some snow in winter. :(:angry: Now I know I should have moved up there some years ago when I had a chance. Still nothing in B-ham. :(

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