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My new Toy


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Picked up the new toy on Tuesday. Here's a pic taken today..


What do you think??

Steve ;););)

So here it is really..


it's a 2005 90 Truck Cab, that was obvious!! :rolleyes: , that was just under six months old and 3000 miles on the clock. Bought it from LR dealer in Glasgow. Yes Glasgow! Very local to Cambridge ;);)

There was a reason for this madness namely that I bought it for 12,800 inc VAT. It's bog standard apart from a tow pack. It now has 3500 miles on the clock thanks to drive back :lol: and thanks to Chris Watts for helping out with the driving back to Cambridge. Not sure he was too pleased though when he found out there was no stereo!

Only two mods so far. First was to have the alarm/immobiliser activated. LR factory actually fit the alarm/immobiliser to every TD5 Defender, but charge you 250 pounds as an option to add it to the standard ones. Of course they don't tell you that it has it already and that it would only cost the price of two fobs and 10mins labour to activate it. Fortunately I was aware and saved myself 175 pounds - Result! :)

Second mod was to fit security cubby box from mobile storage systems. Thanks for the recommendation Chris, they are very well made..


Not so straight forward to fit as I didn't want to take a grinder to the tub, as per instructions, especially as it was only 24hrs after I picked it up. Modded cubby box instead and also cut T4 diagnostic port bracket to fit around cubby box..


The 90's muddy as I couldn't resist some lanes on the way back from Mobile Storage Systems!! :)


Only problem was they were muck spreading on one of the fields next to one of the lanes, so now the 90 stinks like a farmers truck cab as well as looking like one! :lol:

Here's some more pics..



What do you think of the new Simex Extreme III's?? Suitable for the Bull Dog's 34" limit ;)




Lots more mods planned over the next 12 months or so.

Steve :)

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I think it needs some bigger tyres and some better wheels than those standard land rover ones

remove the mudflaps ,and put a winch where the number plate is


Well i got the wheels Steve had in mind !! :P

And bet it was a little cheaper on the fuel, that your last delivery trip !!! :D

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Well i got the wheels Steve had in mind !! :P

And bet it was a little cheaper on the fuel, that your last delivery trip !!! :D

Yes you did, now I've got to go out and spend 700 quid to get a new set!! :rolleyes:

Getting back on a tank of fuel was a novelty, even compared to RR's let alone hybrid ;)

I'll pass on the wings, thanks for the offer though Tim. Just let me know if they are faulty as you're covered under your 5 year warranty remember :wacko: :wacko:

nas90 thanks for the farming insight Dave :) updated my post based on my newfound knowledge



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Nice one! You did very well, I couldnt have got anything close to that price sadly

Hi Jeremy

I popped into Broadfields to sign the paperwork, asked lady on reception if you were around, but you were out for the day. Was going to say hello in person for once :)

siggy nope, you're right that's a large hole. It's actaully a tray that things like mobile phones etc can fly out of at high speed if you want. ;) Need to get a cover and stick the CB in there.



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Guest diesel_jim

IMHO, there is quite a "cool" look to a 90 truck cab with 3/4 tilt, some 7.50x16's (XCL's or SAT/SAG's) and an 8274 up front, sat on HD springs, and maybe a snorkle.

nice and basic, but ready to take on the world! (oh, and a chip/intercooler! it would really fly then! :D )

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Looks very nice Steve, the big space in the middle will nicely take a touch screen LCD connected to a PC tucked under your centre console, have a word with LandyManLuke, you can do it with all the money you saved :)

Come shopping to Scotland for your Christmas bargains :D:D:D

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on a serious note

before doing anything I'd get the waxoyl into it now bulkhead & chassis

the sooner the better.

what are the first mods, wheel & tyres?

Yes planning to do bulkhead and doors. Just using a spray can for these. What's the best cavity wax for the chassis? Also best way to apply??

First mods are..

Wheels and tyres, on Monday 255/85 BFG's on 16" mods

Fit CB, thanks Col110 :)

Fit stereo and speakers into headlining

Fit Hardtop, sides, headlining and rear door

Drill holes into pristine wings :o for chequer plate so that I can put my cups of coffee/tea on while I do rest of mods ;)

Then lots of protection, QT diff guards, dan bars, fuel tank guard, side sills etc

Fit air intake

Then suspension, straight forward 2" drop all round, longer shocks and springs (yes I know Nige :rolleyes: )

Hide all receipts from Kate :)

Then that will be it for a while until two further phases get added ;);)



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