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Now please don't flame me too much....


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My roll cage is finshed (thanks RV :i-m_so_happy: ) and awaiting painting.

I had planned on painting it black but when mentioned to SWMBO I got a rather cool reception!

She drives the 90 every day. Whe we had the Bishtail, she didn't like the attention she got when out and about.

She is concerned that a black cage against a red truck with a white roof will get more attention than "another colour". Note, no further guidance was received in this regard!! :lol:

So, I am thinking that a matt silver / grey may be the best compromise without getting into the HFH / Landrover 598 primer territory!!

Having looked at the roll cage paint thread, there doesn't seem to be much that is available in that sort of colour and still be a sensible price (I do not expect to pay £60 to paint the cage!!)

I would prefer a brush applied system that is really tough.

So, what advice do you have for me? And no, I will not grow a backbone! SWMBO, MBO!!!

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Have you thought about painting it Red and white, to match the truck (Ie red below the roofline, white above)? Adrian's Cage is red on a Red truck, and blends in quite nicely with the rest of the car - you know it's there, but it's not completely in your Face.

Both colours are available as Smoothrite, so whilst they might not be the most resilient, they can be touched up easily and cheaply.



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Thanks all (well, some of you!! :rtfm: ) for the comments.

Still undecided - don't personally like the colour match approach in two colours and certainly not with white as one of them!

I think I am going to give silver a try. If that doesn't work then it will be back to black.

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How about hiding the cage with some sort of confusing paint scheme Bish? Like dazzle camouflage, as an example. You could paint the cage black and the car white for the Tudor cottage effect? Or add some horizontal and vertical black lines and coloured squares to the bodywork and hide the cage quite effectively Mondrian style. Of course, this may still attract attention but from the more bohemian type...


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