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What have you been up to this weekend?

Les Henson

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Spent the weekend doing bits and pieces on catflap. The damned exhaust is finally finished - no more nails/swearing/wasting hours on a little bit that ends-up in the bin 'cos it's rubbish.

It now connects to the engine in the normal way - curls down close to the flywheel crossmember, turns upwards where the first joint is (std flared 3-bolt joint with sealing collar), It then passes over the top of the N/S gearbox mount and curves down and outwards to clear the middle crossmember. It comes up close to the rear floor to line-up with the rear PTO hole, and the second joint is where it now connects to the final rear section, which is a 200TDi rear resonator. Getting the tail pipe to exit the PTO hole in the rear crossmember took quite a while, as I reckoned it would look awful if it was off to one side/too high or low.

A standard series exhaust bracket kit is dirt cheap, and this is what I bought and then modified for my purposes.

Please it's finally done, as it became one of those jobs that seeme to be out to defeat you right from the start - 3rd time lucky was right in this case.

Extending the 200TDi rear box - pretty straight-forward really.


From the gearbox mounting.


I could have gone through the PTO hole, but the overdrive would prevent that.


Modified series exhaust mount makes the job a lot easier.


All you get to see without crawling underneath.


Also the NATO hook needed fixing properly. It was ok with a tatty plate behind the crossmember, but I wanted to be sure that the hook and the fixings would be the last thing to fail. Bogmonsters picture of a reinforcing plate both sides of the crossmember on his truck made me re-think how I would fit mine, and I pretty-much copied his. I had already re-built the hook, and so I bought enough 8mm hot-rolled steel plate to make both inner and outer spreader plates.

4x14mmx150mm high tensile socket head bolts secure the whole lot to the crossmember - looks very strong, and certainly is.

Looks nice and strong from the outside, and a better colour than Bogmonsters!!


Same again from behind. Everything else will give way before this does.


Now, the next job.....................................

Les. :D

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Worked Saturday :(

Spent today doing the following......

Took off both sets of wheel eyebrows

Took both front outer wings off

Took out the rear winch

Took off the Air Tanks

Took off the Tree fender offerers

Took off The rock Sliders

Took off the Roof spot lights

Removed the Roll Cage

Removed the Waffle holders

Removed the front Winch bumper

Removed the Steering Guard

Removed the front Winch

Removed the cubby box

Removed all associated wiring,pipework,linkage, shafts etc

and fitted a new off side stop/tail lamp

Truck looks really sick now ! :(:blink:

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Neat job Les H :D

I've spent most of the weekend doing Naff all :lol: but today had to unload all my recovery kit into the garage & 4 radio's & cubbybox out ready for a clutch job tomorrow --- not by me but at a 4x4 garage near me, flippin' clutch has begun to slip under acceleration, it's only been in for 3,000 miles & 2 months :angry2::rolleyes:

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we spent most of the day catching up on sleep after the flatbed ride home on Saturday morning.!and building up the enthusiasm to start the repairs( sod it... the evenings are lighter now!)

Although i must point out that whilst we had a windscreen go on the way out there (and a loose wire on the ault)we technicly didnt brake down until we arrived back in Wales

Tonk had powersteering probs, transfere box probs and a funny noise the whole week,

and Ash had to replace his gearbox when we got there.(Ireland)

Good job they know how to sort these things!(and our Hillbilly friends have a workshop full of spares)

if the clutch had gone there we wouldnt have needed the flatbed.

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Spent Saturday finishing sorting the Range Rover out for its MOT tomorrow (hopefully) and stripped the dashboard and heater out of the scrap truck ready for cutting the floor out with an angle grinder today and dropping the gearbox out.

Only a few bits to take off the outside now, so I can get on with finding a scrappie to remove it. Not sure where I'm going to keep all the stuff I've been storing in it...

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Gaffer tape :D

As my cousin has just discovered, gaffer tape doesn't hold a vacuum very well - it confused the hell out of his BMW's ECU to the point of being undrivable, yet was OK with the AFM disconnected. He's 'squirting it soon anyway (when someone builds the ECU :ph34r: ) as his best quote for a new after-market ECU was £600, and for one like the MS they wanted £2k :blink:

I spent saturday morning asleep, afternoon at the workshop eating Mr Morfee's ice-cream and making miniscule progress on my 109 :(

Saturday evening was my cousin's birthday party.

Today I have been servicing my RR and doing a few bits on dad's RR.

Did the engine oil on mine and got a face-full :rolleyes: due to an akward angle and not wanting to lay in mum's flower-bed I wasn't quick enough with the sump plug, managed to drench myself in oil and drop the plug into the bucket. Ho hum. The oil came out as thin as water so I think it was probably overdue for a change! Engine is MUCH quieter now. I also found that my spare filter, a Bosch P4063, is longer than the stock RR one but fits nicely and I'm guessing bigger filter = better really.

Auto box was showing empty - it goes a bit better now, will keep an eye on that 'cos some of the oil that came out of the transfer box was ATF-coloured and I'm wondering if it's been leaking from the gearbox into the transfer case, if that's possible?

On dad's I fitted his X-Eng fan switch, which took all of 30 seconds. The difficult bit will be fitting the actual fans, but that'll have to wait.

Also drained the tank on dad's as it's leaking and there's a new one waiting to go on. Having drained the old tank, I discovered the new one's return line had been fractured (the fitting appeared to be soldered on and had a crack round it) so I had to stick it in my RR and take it back to mine where my gas soldering iron was, which appears to have done a pukka job of re-attaching it. I would point out that the "new" tank had been sat empty for some time and there was not even a whiff of petrol from it, otherwise you wouldn't have got me anywhere near it with a soldering iron, gas or no gas!

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well as i'm in california on a business trip

spent the day at the Bilbao beach admiring the sites

decided that H2's sound awsome but the are still sh1te.

cant imagine why any one would want a limo version must be carp offoad needs two blocks to complete a right turn

see some discos and the odd freelander.

range rover sports are carp once the yanks have got their hands on them. Big wheels do not suit a range rover.

loads of souped up american pickups which need a step ladder to get into all blinged up mud tyres etc but not a single scratch. Some with winches on but none that would have pulled the skin off a rice pudding.

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As my cousin has just discovered, gaffer tape doesn't hold a vacuum very well

I'm sure it doesn't - but I wasn't about spend £30 on a new intake tube every time the gas kit backfired and blew it apart - which used to happen fairly frequently with the old ignition :o - so the tube was already mostly gaffer tape... Hasn't backfired since I fitted EDIS, but the gas kit doesn't care and once I finish installing the megasquirt the AFM is redundant anyway - I feel a snorkel calling :D

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All you get to see without crawling underneath.


Very Nice Job.

Sorry to be negative but I did the same with my Series 1 V8 which is fine with a truck cab, but with the rag top on and rolled up at the back for summer all the exhaust fumes pour in the back as I drive without door tops. The negative preasure pulls it in.

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Bit of overtime on Saturday morning (who said local govt. was easy? :huh::angry: )

...then working on George the series - 10 minutes to take the fuel tank out, 6 hours to remove 13 bolts :rolleyes::lol: The person who rebuilt him beforethought it was a good idea to use 3" bolts which have all now rusted solid :( Also managed to get a grinding spark in my eye removing the old roll hoop mountings, despite wearing two lots of protection - eye glasses and safety googles.

Sunday - gave up and went to the pub! :D

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Neat Job Les.

Its one of those HORRIBLE jobs that you'll be delighted to see the end of.

Me ?

Welding up snorkel (yes in that heat), then blocking end up, filling with water and spotting any "leaks", empty weld up again, and repeat.

It was nice to have a snorkel full of ice cold water land on me feet

Then paintbrush, and beer

Oh, and I have the whole of this week off :D


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Nothing Land Rover based but as I was allowed by SWMBO to have a weekend to do whatever I wanted to, I decided to take the bike up to Scotland. We are going away on it next month and it needs to be serviced before we go and it will also need new tyres ('cos otherwise it will have to be done while we are away). As I was quite a few miles off the correct mileage for the service I needed to add some miles.

0900hrs Saturday I left home and headed North, having booked a B&B in Grantown-on-Spey. 510 miles later I arrived just as it started raining. Weather beautiful up to that point.

Yesterday I left the B&B at 0915hrs and rode the A939 from Grantown down via Tomintoul to Ballater, then on to Braemar and Blairgowrie on the A93. What a road! :):)

Got home at 2000hrs last night having covered 1035 miles in 2 days.

I had a fantastic time, excellent roads, reasonably good weather and spectacular scenery. Can't wait to go back sometime.

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I went to Germany to visit Ben (isuzurover).

I managed to add 1700 Km. to the clock in 3 days thanks to a little detour while crossing Switzerland and I got lost a couple of times,almost gone in Luxenbourg instead of Germany...

I think I really need a GPS or at least a schone fraulein to co-drive


We also entered a fun trial competition,and probably did well enough (I'll wait for the final results).

Lots of Suzukis,nice girls driving Gs and Samurais,a giant Mog and some weird trucks...

I am a bit tired...


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