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Pictures From Tonys Bash


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according to Fruity who texted me the pictures and asked me to post them (nick i'm just a messager boy) he killed the alternator. And maybe a battery or two.

The mistake Nick made was boasting on the way to the site that he would not need to cal the AA like wot i had to last time we went out :)

At least when i called the AA i had smashed the rear diff on the series, Burnt out the fuel loom on the 110 and sheared four studs on the trailer wheel and driven 10 miles with 3 wheels on the trailer with the series still on it.

These rangie owners one little flat battery and they need the AA :) Gues the heated Seats stopped working or something minor like that :rolleyes:

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funny Nick never mentioned it when I saw him later in the evening :o

We only got to the bash for the evening but Lucy managed to rip the front bumper off the Disco using the 'extreme' route into the campsite ;) and even got it Muddy, only had it valeted 2 days ago! Grrr


Will :)

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Most importantly, it's a cup of coffee and it was mine!

Iffy alternator seemed to finally die a death when totally submerged in a Walker style tsunami incident, photos of the AA man and orange bob - well, some things just have to be recorded for posterity.

Just out of interest: does anyone know how unstable voltages affect Airflap EFi - could this explain the "interesting" fueling Nick's been suffering?

Cheers to Tony et. all for a good run out.

If I post even less than usual it's cos my camera phone & I are now moving to a safer county till Nick cools down :(

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Well I have to say Tony has certainly set the bar for Birthday Bashes!

A cracking day in Bampton woods with a good range of punches for all abilities (even mine!) interspersed with a little bit of lunch and camera hunting (I'll let others elaborate on that.... ;) ) and coming to the aid of a not-to-be-named (well at least by me! :lol: ) marshal who was in a spot of bother!

Then it was back to Tony's for a bar - b - q that Val must have spent ages preparing for - the tables were groaning under the piles of superb food.

Oh, and did I mention the beer? Two barrels of proper stuff laid on! (Not a drop of lager in sight!! :D ) Twas a real shame I was driving :angry::(

Well done Tony and Val. That will be hard to beat.......

...... so who's going to pick up the gauntlet? :ph34r:

A big thank you to Mark (M005) for teaming up with me and for having that spare fuse :huh: - could have been a long walk without it!!

Also, huge thanks to Mark90 and Mrs 90 for the professional bi-atching and co-driving respectively.

No pictures from me I'm affraid - I didn't find that camera :lol::lol::ph34r:

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Just got home and unloaded the truck. Took the scenic route home via the ford at Wookey to clean some of the mud off from todays laning. Shower change and out for some grub, then a early night I think as I'm bluddy knackered, why did I think it'd be a good idea biatching for Bish of all people with his reputation?!

Must say it was a cracking w/e with some equally cracking company, oh and Turbocharger :P;)

Very big thank you to Tony for organising it all and inviting us. And an even bigger than you to Val who'd been slaving away in the kitchen for days by the looks of the feast that was laid on for us. Have a well earned drink Val, oh you did ;)

And for a first LRA forum get togther this w/e takes some beating.

to the aid of a not-to-be-named (well at least by me! ) marshal who was in a spot of bother!

I won't name them either, that would be just wrong....................................but I'll post the pics later. Lets just same it's not the first time he's been snapped by my camera in a compromising position.

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You would of thought nick would go with the RAC for clour co ordination.

Was wicked day yesterday well done to tony for organising it and for Val who made a scrummy bbq.

I wish I had stayed over now seeing as I got a flat tyre on the way back home after swerving to miss a deer in the road and cliping a wall.

Were did big si diassappear to? He went to go to the porta potty and never came back. Twas funny seeing Turbocharger getting it well and truly ripped out of him by tonys step son. He almost got a twang right in the face.

Bish there was some larger about the young student types that broke their PTO winch were drinking it.

Tony sorry for not coming out and helping you collect the punches today but i didnt get back till 4am.

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Best Birthday party I've been too!

Tony & Val, Sorry I didnt't get a chance to say goodbye - it was all chris's fault, hurrying us along to leave ;-)

Thankyou very much for the weekend. Simon & I had a fab time!

I engoyed teaming up with Tango - must be one of the most stress free people I've met, even when everything is going wrong!

Roll on next year!



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Si thanks for teaming up with me for a couple of hours it was great.

Tony/Val thanks for a great day/evening Miranda says thanks too.

Thanks to the AA man for the battery power and following me home.

To Jonathon Fearn revenge is a dish served cold

Good to see everybody again


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Twas funny seeing Turbocharger getting it well and truly ripped out of him by tonys step son. He almost got a twang right in the face.

It's not pretty, but...

Daniel and I made friends by the end of the evening (although he still looked like Austin Powers in that suit :P) I had a storming weekend, thoroughly impressed by Will's 8274 and the general togetherness of Si White's car - they've obviously both put a lot of time into the mods they've made and it all came together, apart from the wiring to Si's winch. I think we came 3rd or 4th but that wasn't the point of the weekend; it was a good laugh with some good people and I'm fired up with enthusiasm for the next event - my car might even leave the tarmac, although I managed to tear a wheel spat on the "road" back from Tony's house today.

I think Jay got some good pictures from the morning session - maybe he'll post them later. Other notables were RobHybrid's "exuberant" roll where he managed to stand on Keef's head, and Dave (Flyer)'s usual approach to challenges - getting every punch in sight, as quickly as possible and at some occasionally ludicrous angles. My pictures will follow by Monday (ish)...

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Ok here's some pics..........

The site is set in pine woodland with several streams running through it, here's Si White in the first one..


The site allowed Chris to set out a range of punches, from really difficult ones..


the above punch is on a tree at the top of a vertical bank above another stream/gloopy mud run!!

To medium..


To easy.. (unless you owned anything wider than a 90/110!! ;) )


Here's one of Fi being winched up by Rob so that she can scream on the way down! ;):D This happened a lot that day :lol::lol:


This scream ended in her being stuck and holding up us getting our lunch :rolleyes:;)


The site was very deceptive and even innocuous looking ditch crossings needed winching after you ended up ground on the diffs..


resulting in waffles weighing 300lbs!! :blink:


Here's another example of a simple punch needing waffles to cross ditch and to provide traction to the rear wheels on the slippery surface..


BishBosh's RR getting across..


The ditches were mostly deep enough to stop most things and slippery enough that using waffles was difficult..


Here's simonr winching out..


Here's Mark getting ready to take on that hard punch, while another team decides on whether to do the two punches here..


Fortunately the site was big enough that there was hardly any waiting

Here's Mark doing whatever it takes to get the punch..


and then because they were a single car team they had to do it all over again on the other side :rolleyes::rolleyes: ..


Here's Nick going through a nice section..


Unfortunately this is where his alternator gave up the ghost, good timing!! :o ..


Nevermind Little Si reaches in to give hime a hug..


Here's the steaming RR..


and Les in another water run..


Here's the Suzuki's that were tearing round the site well...


They don't seem to have accelerator pedals, just on and off switches!! ;) ..


The majority of people were observing good winching practices and the marshalling was easy and fun..



Here's some pics taken by DD of the hardcore crew still going after midnight the last ones going strong until around 3am..



Here's the food tent :)


Here's Les looking really happy ;)


and Les's new girlie on the left at the back.. ;)


and here's DD's pic of the bright stars :)


Thanks to Tony for inviting us, setting it up and opening up his house and field to us all. I had agreat time.


Steve :)

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A fantastic weekend and a great first winch event.

Huge thanks to;

Val & Tony for outstanding hospitality

Mr & Mrs 90 for excellent biatching & official team photographer (in that order)

Bish for teaming up with me & dragging my lump of a 90 out of a sticky spot on several occasions

Everyone else for the great company all weekend, as was said above, certainly set a very high standard for future forum events

Good to see that even the odd mishap (eh Jay :D ) and breakage didn't damped the spirits at all and good to put a few more faces to names and catch up with a few old faces (Scrumps)


to the aid of a not-to-be-named (well at least by me! ) marshal who was in a spot of bother!

Oh yes, I remember...I seem to recall him stating his mode of transport was unstoppable as well :P

PS: Les, hope I didn't cramp your style on Saturday night with your latest conquest, that empty seat had your name all over it :lol:

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Well here's the few pictures that I took.

Just to clarify a couple of points:-

My 'new girlie' ? I don't think so. Much too scary for me. so the picture of me 'looking happy' is actually 'me looking scared'

M005, I was very happy about stepping aside for you m8, as well as Scotty, Darthdicky?, anyone else?

Tony/Val. it was an excellent weekend and I enjoyed it very much. You both obviously worked hard to make it as much fun as it was. My first winch challenge and I would do it again, in spite of the aches/pains/hole in the palm of my hand. Thanks for the loan of a tent Tony, thanks for feeding me Fiona. Sorry everyone for turning up in a crappy Pug 309 :(

Here's the few pictures I took. The day was hard work, but very enjoyable. Anyone that hasn't tried this, then I reccomend you do at least once.

Here's the pics anyway.

A bit crowded at first, but it was interesting to see the different approach people took to get the punch - drive in and then figure out how to get back out again!


Standing your truck on it's nose or tail seems to be the best way to get the punch.


'Cmon then, it's only a small river bank!


Just stopping for a smoke!


This was punch 49. A clever arrangement of two winch cables saw our team get this one first. Going almost vertical is a bit scary though.


Over the worst bit, although going down backwards must have been as bad.


Nice axle twister here, some punches looked easy, but quite often were absolute swines.


That's all the pictures I took. Lots of people asked about catflapII, and it was slightly embarrassing to be in a horrible Eurobox. Hopefully the next meet I go to will be in him.


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Superb weekend all told !

Many ,many thanks to Tony and Val and its going to take some beating whoever takes up the gaunlet for the next one ?

My trip home was.....interesting.....well acctually it frightened the pants off me to be honest :unsure:

as some of you know I hd a bit of interesting steering on the way back from Bampton, when I closley resembled a dodgem car driven my a maniac, trying to keep it in a straightline was not easy...

got to site checked the tyre pressure...13 Psi..Ah-Ha sorted......

err...no !

set off yesterday, still the same.....

pull over check all the seering everything seemed fine...given the fact the underneath was a tad muddy !

got to the motorway with a bit of genteel driving, straight line fine, corners...interesting...

Got home and shot off to meet up with SWMBO, not to far away...drive there in the van

to be greeted with "I wanted some stuff picked up but forgot to tell you !" <_<

so Back home today, I'll have a quick gander while I'm here I think.... ;)

Pressure wash off.....!

That'll be the problem then....

Sumo rear drag link, like a Bannana ! :blink:

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My pics.........

Bampton seems to be charactersied by lots of ditches


And trees


And more ditches


Some of the trees where even right across the track


How did that get there?


We managed to get a punch or two


It was just after that we found Bish's winch wasn't working..............and then the fans weren't working..........quick fuse change sorted bot those problems............phew


Then it was Mark's (M005) turn to come through


Did I mention there's trees everywhere?


I wonder how Mark bent his bumper




There's a digital camera under there somewhere - notice the tide mark on the back of the 90


Backing in to pick up a punch


And then it's Marks turn



What's going on here, is that a marshall stuck in a ditch? I guess we should help them


Out of that ditch and straight into another



Only one thing for it, get Bish's winch out


And out it pops


On sunday a few of us went laning. On the last lane of the day, which is close enough to Tony's house we could see Big Si's landrover parked in the field, we came across an obstruction.....



Looked like it had rolled out of the field above the lane, or was it pushed?

Driving over it didn't work


The lane was narrow and high sided on both sides, so the only oprion was to roll the bail down the lane


Where it laid down a nice straw carpet



Now we could drive over it


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The picture of Jay sat in the drivers seat - him and the LR covered in mud is a classic! Most of us have felt like that!

Chris - you didnt mention getting recovered? Last I heard, you 'drove everywhere' I think it was?

Another batch of cool photos.


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Thanks to all who attended and made the weekend worth the effort.

I'd like to say a huge thanks to Chris Watts/Steve Gurney and Mark Hopkins for all the help setting out etc

Well done to Mark/Charles/JST/Darth Dicky for getting punches that no one else managed all on M/T's

My 90 is ok bar a bit of paint work and squashed exhaust..

glad all are home safe and sound bar the last two stragglers who are still in the field :D

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Tony & Val

cheers for a fantastic weekend, well laid out punches and something for everyone on sat and excellent food, thank you Val.

Peter and I had a great day and we weren't last!!!! Darth and John thanks for being great team mates and game for anything, shame about the PTO winch, a very impressive peice of kit especially on acute pulls.

i have a couple of pics uploading currently and will post them soon.

James enjoyed his day out after getting over the shock of seeing bucket seats in Will Warnes motor, who he was bi**ching for and was suitably impressed by the end of the day. Another fan hooked hopefully.

Thank you Tony for squaring a seat away for Dan with Mike. although i dont think he sepnt much time sat in it, he had certainly earn't his beer by the end of the day and really enjoyed it, hopefully sowing the seed to get his FIP up and running in the near future.

It was good to meet alot of the forum members, although briefly, and catch up with others.

cheers for a great bash - whos next in line to try and do one better then??????

pics to follow

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