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Before and after pics


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Guest diesel_jim

The project90:

from this:


And a couple of years later,after getting the chassis galvanised and spending ALL my wages each month on parts,to:



from (no scanned in digi picture yet! buy it was a brand new plain green 200Tdi 90 hard top back in 1992 when i collected it from T H Whites!)

something like:


(not the exact vehicle, but it was just a plain green 90 hard top)

After several years of heavy abuse, it looked like this:


with a 3.9 EFI V8, santana gearbox, 9.00x16 tyres, a homemade cage and tons of dents and rust!

I then started to build the project90 above (the Q plate one) and this V8 90 fell into disrepair. I used it for cannibalising bits off, until i decided a) that i wanted to take my numberplate off of it and transfer it, and B) i might as well rebuid it! my hand was forced, because to transfer a plate you need an MoT, i could have had a friendly word with my local MoT inspector and taken a "different" 90 there, but figured i might as well just rebuild it anyway! i like doing these projects so what the hell!! :D

so, a stripdown, wire brush and lots of hammerite later, we have a rolling chassis:


and several months later, some bodywork and gearbox in place:


It's getting there!! B) just got to fit the engine, some doors, paint the rear roll bar, fit new wheels, lots of T-cut and maybe a respray and she'll be done! :blink:

My 110 is just a plain Td5 110 CSW with a few bits i've bolted on (for now)... i can't go too mad with it as it's my "company" car, not mine, but as i work for my parents i have a slight free hand:


However, if you see it at the moment, everything has been removed.... the joy of working for your parents and falling out with them! (i removed the stuff of my own accord, as i don't "trust" them.... ;) )

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A week or two after I bought it (8 months ago), testing it out to see what would break. Note the colour swatch of Bonatti grey I was testing at the time. Some of you may remember my troubles with colour codes at the time!


Last month: Happy with the colour! :D



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A while after being bought:


Latest state after finding quite a lot of rust in the chassis:


So what started as a new gearbox has turned into a little bit of a rebuild :rolleyes:

In the meantime, the latest addition to the fleet as bought (as scrap!):


An MOT and 3000 miles later at Bunny Lane:


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Dad's Rangie "Reg" as bought:


And just over a year later at Bunny Lane:



Side steps & Front valance removed

Radiator grille removed (for ease of cleaning rad, dad is a bit laid back about maintenance)

235/70 Colway MT's on Rostyles ('cos the alloys kept leaking and were tubeless)

3.9 Aircon rad and cowl (thicker core) after the old one died, not intended as a mod but it's what was available at the time!

Ice-cream tubs over the dizzy and coil/amp (surprisingly effective)

B&Q Snorkel (£20)

Bull Bars (£10 Sodbury)

New fuel hoses front to rear after a small leak :rolleyes:

Steering guard

Diff guards

Sierra Cosworth 4x4 alternator after the RR one died (stuck brushes), the RR one is now kept as a spare in the boot.

Stickers :D

There is a Southdown fuel tank guard (courtesy of V8Bertha) waiting to go on but we need to work out a decent recovery point 'cos it loses the tow pack when fitted.

X-Eng fan switch in place awaiting the mounting of some fans (twin Kenlowes bought 2nd hand)

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