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Erm....HFH DIY Bench Wire Wheel "Machine" - A H&S special

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Tum de tum

Steve has been whinging that the Sealey 6" Bench Grinder mit wire wheel "Isn't HD enough Barker" ........

So :ph34r: ...........

Recipe for A HFH Stylee Small H&S Nightmare Wire wheel the SWWW Mk1 - "Special Wire Wheel Wounder Mk1"

Take 1 x 1 HP F quick RPM Motor and wire up

1 x Lump of RSJ - drilled to suit footprint

1 x F off BIG 11" wire wheel

1 x Bit of Lathe work to fix

And there you go, the" HFH SWWW Mk1 "

Heres a video ...........


What coukld possibly go wrong :stretcher-smiley-emoticon:

Happy new year Steve

"Mr Bump" :lol:

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Anyone else sense a hilarious 'incident / accident' thread is now imminent ?

Can't be long. I can just imagine the A&E conversation too.

"What'd you do this time?"

"Well, I thought it was a good idea to build my own power tool..."

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Actually...in all fairness it is superb at cleaning up stuff and quick too

It doesn't so much stall as rip it out of ones paws and

Spit it across the workshop. ...

As it's a bit touchy like that you sort of go "Oooooo f' when near it and are overcome with a desire for hat glasses welding gloves etc....

maybe This is the kit to keep me safe its so cough "open"... ?

then again ....

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I think the potential areas for concern seem quite broad to me - top of the list perhaps being it removing small pieces of metal from your grasp and converting them, through a process of circular acceleration, into ninja throwing stars ....

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Having used something similar the majority of the ninja throwing stars don't tend to hit flesh (mostly chucked towards the floor or behind the wheel), injuries from the spinny bit are usually loss of bits of finger and the very occasional random piercing by stray bristles.....

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Please don't wear gloves if you insist on using that, other than nitrile which will tear off if you get too close, welding/riggers gloves will suck you in :ph34r: Glasses or goggles plus a full faceshield would be a plus. Or the ultimate in safety would be cutting the plug off :rofl:

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There was, in the late 70's early 80's, a custom car mag (for the love of me I can't remember it's name) than ran a series of articles on making your own power tools. Tried making the belt linisher using a collection of 2x2's, a washing machine motor and the pulleys from the washing machine drive.

It sort of worked quite well as a combined poor mans defibrillator come dead (and live) skin remover, p!ss poor as linisher tho. What the hell was that mag called

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I agree that some cheapo bench grinders are lacking wellie.

For wire brushing I do like using a small angle grinder with wire brush cup, or disk. Agreed, pulling lengths of wire out of your clothing isn't fun, but it's the price you pay.

For BIG stuff I used to have a large wirebrush cup for use in the 9 inch grinder - cumbersome, but effective.

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