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The Build so far

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That looks fantastic :D . Its sooo shiny :lol::P . Are you using mostly new pasrts for the build. What did you paint the chassis with? as im assuming it was galvanised. Keep up the posts on the build, im currently doing mine but it looks rubbish in comparison to that.

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Hi all

Thanks for making me feel I am doing something right....

It's kinda hard when you are learning as you go and my biggist source of good info / where I can ask stupid questions is here, so thanks.

Anyhow, questions, start from the top -

Chassis, yes this is galvanised, and I painted it black. I used firstly Mordant Solution to etch the galv a little, then a good zinc primer, then Teamac metal paint, it's like a coach paint but sets quite tough.

New parts wise, it's a combination of old and new bits, where possible I am using the bits I salvaged off the 1989 110 CSW that I brought to strip and use the vin no from, this was a 2.5 TD, so allot of the elements were not that useful but some are.

Yes, the Puma has gone, I wish I could have kept it but I needed to get shot of it to pay for the rest of the parts for the build, I kept a many bit off it as I could but the guy who brought it got a good deal.

Twin shocks at the back are there to make it a bit more stable as I don't have any anti roll bars on the back, to fit one I would need to mod the brackets / make some big spacer as I have a long range fuel tank in there that drops down quite a bit below the standard brackets.

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The pipes are pretty solid and have been strapped down with p clips.

On a 300 tdi the pot should really go on the other side of the engine, but I had some pipes spare so put it this side.

Yep it's a alisport pot, and the oil swirl pot is the same, also the water header tank (not pictured)

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Where did you get the silicone engine breather hose to the rocket cover, believe its ERR3084.

I replaced mine last September because it had split and this new ones is already showing signs of being on the way out!


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may sound a stupid question, but i have never seen that type of engine before and it interests me to see what it is, i gathered it is not a puma (which i also dont know what looks like) by reading the thread, is it a TGV? forgive me if thats the wrong initials, but i dont know all that much about non early land rover engines.

oh, and extremely nice truck so far, i will be following the thread.


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thanks guys, a defender 200tdi looks much different to a disco 200 then, i knew that the exhaust and intake are the other way round and the intake is on the bottom instead of the top, but i thought that the rocker cover was the same, howwever on this pic it appears different.


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TGV is the Brazilian built 2.8 TDI

an upgrade from a 300TDI with the Variable Turbo and other improvements.




The HS 2.8L engine was developed from the 2.5 ‘300’ Tdi and has the same backend and engine mounting points on the cylinder block. The 2.8 will fit in to any application that already has the ‘300’ Tdi installed. The position of the air inlet to the inlet manifold and turbocharger and the turbo exhaust outlet are different.

1. The improved head gasket is now steel laminate.

2. The crankshaft is forged not cast.

3. The cylinder bock has been re-designed to improve cooling .

4. The combustion system has been re-developed by AVL.

5. The improved connecting rod has the cap secured by bolts with thread in rod.

6. A new piston has been developed.

7. The rear crankshaft seal clamping has been improved to stop oil leakage.

8. The rpm at maximum torque has been reduced, 1400 TGV &1600 WG (1800 Tdi)

9. The power and torque have been increased, see comparison below.

LR ‘300’ Tdi

Displacement :- 2,495 cc Maximum power :- 111 bhp @ 4,000 rpm

Maximum governed rpm 4,000

Maximum torque :- 195 lbf ft @ 1,800 rpm

International HS 2.8L TGV (Variable Geometry Turbo)

Displacement :- 2,785 cc

Maximum power :- 135 bhp @ 3,800 rpm

Max governed rpm :- 4,000

Maximum torque :- 277 lbf ft @ 1,400 rpm

International HS 2.8L WG (Wastegate)

Displacement :- 2,785 cc

Maximum power :- 132 bhp @ 3,800 rpm

Max governed rpm :- 4,000

Maximum torque :- 262 lbf ft @ 1,600 rpm

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What he said above, saves me saying it. Also some more point, I don't know how this compares to the 300 tdi but here they are anyway –

• It comes with glow plugs, (and wiring if your loom needs it)

• It has a bosh fuel injection system so you can stuff veg oil in there if you want.

• The fuel lift pump does not have the hand crank, but this is a little hand push pump on top of the fuel filter housing, much easier to get too.

• The air filter rotates a little, as so does afew other items if you are just swapping the engine out form a 300 tdi.

All the other stuff is covered above.

Mine is linked in with a TD5, R380 gear box and LT230 transfer with a 1.2 ratio.

The silicon pipes, some came with the engine, and I brought some off Ali sport.

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oh, thanks for the info, youve really tought me a lot about that engine, i heard of it before but never really knew what it was apart fron the 2.8 and based on tdi bits. but at 5,500 without the appropriate exhaust fittings etc, i think ill take a pass on that for a few years :)


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