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Looking for dashboard design inspiration


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As per the title really - the dashboard in the 109 is long overdue a revamp, so I'm looking for inspiration, neat ideas or cool designs for dashboards, switch panels, instrument clusters etc.

Chances are I'll be incorporating a modified MegaView so at least one LCD. Would be quite nice to keep some series gauges though, originality is important ;)

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I like that one too - kind of Jules Verne meets Boris Karloff 'B' Movie!

Rather than steppers, I have tended to favour RC Servos as they will run on 12v, have a simple 0-250ms pulse-width single wire interface and they 'remember' their own zero position - and they are water resistant.

I made a nice dial for my yellow 90 which would show several things including speed, temperature, fuel and even time (by dividing mph by 10). I can just imagine that in a nice turned brass face with an ornate brass pointer.

Another option would be to use 'Nixie' tubes:


and 'magic eye' displays:

magic-eye1.jpg?w=300&h=268or 2.jpg

For more Analogue values.

That would give you a kind of Steam-punk, pre-digital hi tec look.


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go for a HUD - you know it makes sense.

you motor is already an art form in duality, a series mechanical donk with mechanical donk portals all fitted with a super whizbang electrickery controlled v8 with computers and other strange electron powered whatsits.

putting a HUD in there would really give it that 'old on the outside, new on the inside' sleeper look.

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Are you looking to fabricate in stainless / aluminium and totally replace the current dash ?

Are you prepared to go digital speedo, revs, etc., or are you intent on keeping the dash design in line with the rest of the sympathetic restoration that the 109 has been through? (i.e. Keep it flat and low where originally installed or introduce clusters of clocks etc. above sterring wheel and close in some of the currently open areas of the dash)


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I'm not about to fabricate a complete full-width dash, more just an instrument binnacle and/or switch panels where the driver goes.

Although I currently have an Acewell digital speedo/odo/fuel/lights gauges, I am seriously considerng replacing it with a DIY'd one based on the Megatune code as it's a short leap from Megatune to a digital dash. What I want to avoid though is going down the LCD screen route - at that point you may as well just nail a small laptop to the dash.

I may re-use the Series binnacle but with improved/enhanced switchgear & instruments. The MS, EDIS and relays/fuses will likely stay mounted on the ceiling.

Considerations in no particular order:

- Robust components (must stand the interior being hosed out as a minimum)

- Clear and uncluttered

- Instruments readable in daylight and unobtrusive at night

- In keeping with the general Series 3 look (no carling switches, no f**ing blue LED's)

These rule out things like small colour LCD's (unreadbale by day, annoying by night), touchscreens (unusable in a moving Series), and a fair few dedicated digital displays (LCD/OLED especially blue illuminated ones <_< )

I'm considering modifying the Series instruments - make the speedo stepper driven with multi-function warning lights, make the temp gauge driven from the MegaView, maybe replace the single charge light sector with a decent readable LCD, and add a MegaView readout somewhere (I have a decent 4x20 LCD in unobtrusive amber text on black which is plan A, location undecided as yet).

A few other ideas but nothing very solid yet.

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As a serious answer- there a quite a lot of good LCD units coming onto the market that are being used primarily industrial vehicles (backhoes/ combines/ telehandlers etc).

Not sure as to the availability as aftermarket parts, but they are beginning to get quite impressive (sealed waterproof, daylight readable, CAN bus compliant, hotkeys for control, -40 to 80C temprange). I particularly like the wachendorff opus A3 as a good allrounder;


There are others- Motometer, EIA Electronics, Coba Group, FW Murphy, Bauser Control, Cross Control, Kongsberg and Curtis Instruments to get you going!

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Your list there does describe (reasonably well) the standard Series III instrumentation as it stands. I'm very impressed with the dash illumination on my 88", miles better than the pre-Td5 Defender affair.

So I'd go with your standard kit, but mounted in a custom layout (to suit your preferences) frame. Thin ali sheet clad in a faux vinyl type stuff would keep the look non-techno. How the instruments work is irrelevant, making them stepper driven and controlling them via MS is quite a cool idea. You could do that with temp gauge quite easily :)

You could even make them do a full sweep on ignition switch-on, for further 'awww yeah' factor ;)

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They're awesome :D


I have one of these on a motorbike I built (am still building ph34r.gif). Endless functions can be put on them and not too expensive. You could put it in a standard series 2 centre dash :)


A mate has one like this in his truck, the only issue really is that the tacho goes all the way up to 10K rpm, which for a 6K limited 4 pot, or a 7K limited V8 that is going in soon is a bit daft....

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