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109 CSW Roll cage / sill bars build thread

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What I was wondering... I don't know what kind of offroading you do, but do you have any problems with the rear mounted fuel tank? I've already damaged one which started leaking quite badly. And I seem to hit the rear bracket of this new tank very quickly even though it sits really high. I already have to be super carefull with it.

Do you have a tankguard or something fitted?

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Fridges fuel tank is about 3 foot off the ground due to having portals. Fit either a guardian or a southdown tank guard I've had both and can't rate them high enough.


Mine sits very high too due to being sprung over :i-m_so_happy: .. I don't believe I've ever seen a tankguard for a Series. And even if they do, my chassis is definatily not a standard chassis..

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but the director of authenticity vito'd the idea.

Depends which of the many ideas you're talking about - if it was the one that involved cutting the rear corners in a Defender style then yes, that would be an affront to good taste :rtfm:

I quite like the title of "director of authenticity", doubt I can persuade the mods to change it from my current one though <_<

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"director of authenticity"

sounds like a made up job title in some council office somewhere.

nice to see *cough* symapathetic engineering that ties in wth the original design so well

I don't know what kind of offroading you do

he's only into light stuff really - nothing too heavy :ph34r: :ph34r:

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