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Quote from the BBC news website:-

So far, £130,000 has been raised for Yorkshire Air Ambulance - £50,000 from a single donor.

Anyone care to guess who that single donor might be????

I know who my money is on......

Oh and yes I've signed the petition too TG is one of the few programs still worth watching and this accident must not be used as an excuse to pull it off the air...... even if RH had been killed I am sure that is the last thing he would have wanted.

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Loved Mr Cs article, well worth a read ie

James is known to his fans as Captain Slow. He thinks dawdling is reckless and practises the art of what he calls “Christian Motoring”. Mostly, this involves letting people out of side turnings and generally being Edwardian.

Putting him, and that ’70s barnet, in a 370mph jet car was a bit like putting just Jane Austen at the helm of a space shuttle.



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Anyone care to guess who that single donor might be????

I know who my money is on......

Not sure - Mrs TM and I were talking about this yesterday. We thought of JC, Hamster's wife, the show's producer, the owner of the jet car. An a bit of a cynic, I thought that perhaps they had come to a deal whereby hamster's family wouldn't sue them if they put a decent amount of cash into that fund. Maybe i'm just a bit too cynical, though.

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What utter PC-brigade nonsense.

So should the BBC stop news correspondent reporting from Baghdad in case they get a scud in the head? It didn't stop them from taking Noel Edmonds off the air after he killed Michael lush in 1986.

Well Said!

if the BBC axes it watch Sky take it up and all the viewers move over there to watch it.

only telly worth watching on terrestrial now days

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