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Who's Going for a Squelch around Old Sodbury

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21st Oct (saturday) sees "Old Sodbury"

I'm going (to Buy some more absolute cr*p valuable 'must have' spares) with John White

Who else .......and buying or selling ?

Forum meet say 1.00PM outside the B*Gs ?


Will be busy delivering my best mate into slavery that day.

I'm sure he won't mind me bunking off his wedding to buy a few bits of Land Rover tat... :ph34r:

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I'll be there - but with my X-Eng shirt on so not much chance of making it to the bogs at 1pm! I'll be cooking burgers about then anyway!

I've got a long list of stuff I'd like to find (Series Transfer box?) - but again probably won't have time!


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I should be there, maybe with Jez, maybe with Fridge the Elder (AKA Miaggi-Do) I'm hoping to build a big shopping list of all the little bits and bobs I need to get for the 109 to finish it... :hysterical:

1pm sounds good if I'm not busy buying another winch of some description :ph34r:

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Scary...there's a lot of weddings going on that day.....I'm going to one as well !

Sodbury will be quiet this time then!

Anybody going to Ash and Karen's in Cheltenham? Another good Landy man bites the dust...oops, sorry Karen!

See you there.....

Cheery Bye. :)

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