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Tangoman has been very busy


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Its looking very nice Nick! I'd seen some of the earlier photos but this is the first one that shows the whole vehicle. The only bit I'd add now is something arround the rest of the inside of the rear aches. Once you start spinning your Simex mud'll go everywhere :unsure:

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Well thought out and practical,

However, you should not have a H***Y winch naked on display like that, FFS have you no shame, a brown paper bag for modesty please :huh: next time, children may be viewing :P

Look forward to seeing it in the flesh on the 5th, as someone says are you planning to panel some / all of it ?


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any © on this......

I see a plan, dollythew front end, tangomans backend - well its the best form of flattery!

Thanks :D


You might be a touch late on the above- come back in 6 months and I might have something just like that!

Watch this space.

(nick- love it mate- very excited too!)

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