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Tom's Workshop Build Thread


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Well the time has come for me to start my own garage/workshop thread, I've waited a long time to do this and just as my luck would have it my planning permission came through the day before we went into lockdown and now all the builders merchants are closed :( thought in the mean time id share some of the plans and photos and you might all be able to shout some suggestions before I get digging, Probably in a week or two when I'm forced to stay at home again haha 

Basic Details:

Double Garage, Constructed of Brick and Block with a layer of insulation in-between, insulated roller doors to the front, one side will have a 2 post ramp (hence the little dormer roof extension to allow the truck to go high enough to work on, the other side will have a lifting beam for pulling out engines etc.


Today I have measured out and painted in blue on the floor the outline of where the garage will be, car just parked there so I didn't cover it in paint haha :) 

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 16.31.15.png

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 16.31.57.png


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Be wary of the roots on the tree to the left and also the willow on the right.

i agree with FF if you can, go as close to the boundary fence as you can. Even if you don’t, I would be tempted to put the small door on the side facing the rest of the garden.

looking at the dwgs again, when you park a second car in the bay, it’s going to block access to the personnel door anyway.


however looks good and a good size.

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Or make it so that the central front/rear beam is fixed but the cross beam (onto which your hoist is fitted) is on rollers that sit on it and a second one mounted to the wall.

Looks a great project though. Will you be building it yourself? Cavity blockwork is going to be expensive but it’ll be lovely to work in.

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I appreciate that you might have the central pillar at the front to support the steelwork for the lifting beam, but if it was me, I'd put a big enough beam across the front to carry the required loads and have a single roller shutter. The pillar will just get in the way 90% of the time and having a clear opening right across the front will give you loads more flexibility.

That is of course if you don't actually need the extra height on one of your doors...…

My roller shutter is 4.5 x 2.5 which should be plenty of height  - once I get the carp out of the garage and the land rover in!

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Wow I thought I had done some more updates than this 

it’s been a crazy year

dug standard 900mm deep strip foundations, building control came out and weren’t happy about the proximity to the trees and said I’d either have to go 3.5m down!!!! Or get a structural engineer, so I spoke to a structural engineer I know, and he gave me some plans, I think he may have gone abit over kill but it’s definitely a good slab now 

I ended up digging out the entire base to 1.6m deep then back filled 200m at a time with class 1 mot and whacked it down until It was filled 900mm then fitted shuttering for the ring beam which will take the walls and filled the Center with another 600mm of mot, then came the rebar fitting all 1.5t of it 

first pour of concrete for the ring beam 600mm deep then built the outer wall up 300mm to form the shuttering for the main slab which is another 300mm thick pour of concrete 

in total I removed 7x 18t trucks of soil then put 6x 18t trucks of hard core back, 1.5t of reinforcement steel and then about 22cubes of concrete

build is now on hold for a little bit whilst the prices are high and job security isn’t quite as much of a given :( 

photos to follow 

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Tree roots can be a nightmare. Main problem is if they draw all the moisture out of the soil next to the structure you get settlement of the ground and the building. 

Willows are likely to draw a lot of water out of the ground as well.

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Got to love structural engineers - I spoke with one about my proposed garage building and the slab and retaining walls proposed were insane. Yes it was dug into a bank but there was a 13t 360 doing the digging and you could hear that thing working getting through the ground. There's almost going to be more steel in my walls that concrete <_<, still at least that was bought when prices were cheap - might sell it now for 2 to 3x that...

Why was a trencher and root barrier rejected then? Those work a treat at preventing the roots from undermining foundations, the willow and other trees will have already sucked up water from that area anyway given their age so unlikely to dry it out enough to worry about.

Anyway job is done now.

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I’m not sure the council really cared what I did, just that it couldn’t be ‘standard’ strip foundations 

to be honest what we built is definitely overkill but that was probably my bad for using an industrial structural engineer cause he was free haha 

it’s nice to know it will be bomb proof though! 

I’ll post up the structural drawings when I find them in case anyone is interested 

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