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Got snow yet?


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is any one else looking forward to the snow that is due for the uk?

its a shame i have to work tomorrow, but at least my job involves fixing military landrovers so i might have to take one on a road test around salisbury plain if we get enough snow to make it interesting! :P

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About 2" so far in Maidstone...

Was out and about earlier and it would have been fun if it weren't for the 'others' that don't know how to drive in snow!!! Passed 3 or 4 BMWs parked at the side of the road.....

I usually walk to work, but I think I might take the car tomorrow morning :i-m_so_happy:

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The rest of Europe must be peeing themselves with laughter as our all to ready to panic media scream out with phrases such as "Extreme weather event".

Its a bit of bleeding snow.

Here in Surrey there will be a light dusting on top of some slightly icy roads and I will see if I can beat the 15 cars in ditches that I counted the last time we had an E.W.E (bit of ice) on the journey into work, and it's less than 12 miles.

sad really.

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About an inch and a half here. Compacting down nicely on the road to make some nice skid pans out of roads. Me and my friend were dring back today, me in the 90 and him in a 2008 mondeo with traction control and all the gubbins and I was having a much easier time of it than him :D

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Obviously deep snow is one thing, but am I alone in preferring to drive the 'road' car in the usual sort of icy/snow conditions that we usually get on main roads.

Land Rover is just too heavy in the ice and with a locked LT230 is pretty hard work - the racer with its Borg Warner is OK, but I only really want to drive that sideways like we did on the recent snowy Borders event!


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been at work for an hour now, was not impressed getting up this morning until I looked out the window!!!

we have between 4-6" (I am disapointed at the lack of winky jokes so far) even on the main roads with the back roads totaly untouched.

Grip was fantastic, was a buit sceptical of the rear Detroit causing the inside wheel to spind and slide the abck out but that didn't happen at all, no spinning at all, even in tehj works car park it was almost impossible to spin up and even heavy breaking wasn't so bad on nobbly muds.

Now all I need it another 12" (arf arf, sorry had to be done) and I am taking a day off to go play :)

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