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Things to aviod when welding - Part 1

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Last week saw me TIG Welding pegged casings with a vengence, I had a nice line of them all TIGged up, and was on the last one.

I find the issue of holding rod and Torch still and then moving a tricky one, so 101% concentration is always required,

but with the ptractise I the welds look and finish are far better than post course at Tech. Anyway, I was one the last weld

of the last Diff, when I felt my nose twitch.

I decided to carry on, there was only a short bead to finish, and it was looking v good, so I pressed on, the twitch got

nore obvious, but I held my breath and carried on, the urge to stop, and scratch my nose was now in the realms of "Desperate"

but mind over matter made me ignore and press on.

The weld was finished. :)

In like a well rehearsed synrconized series of movments, andc all at the same time I stopped welding,

lifted up helmet, moved upright and sneezed

When I say sneezed I mean a real big un, the sort of Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hhhhhhaaaaaaaa Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Ow :ph34r:

The 'AaaChe'w being the sneeze, and the "Ow" being a significant new pain in my chest :unsure: .

I peered down, and there, other than My T shirt and thick fleece, I appeared to have a 2.4mm TIG rod sticking out of my chest

"Oops" :huh: I az gone and stabbed meself :rofl:

I gave the rod a little tug, and felt the chest skin move :unsure: I gave it a harder tug, and the T shirt, fleece and

Skin on chest moved, and I squealled a bit, giving me that "FFS what have I done to myself this time ?" Feeling.

I pulled the T and Fleece aay from my neck and peered down, - Hmmm, that rod is quite well in there :(

I decided to get my Biggest side cuters and cut the rod off close to the clothing, (another squeek as it jarred as the cutters cut :( )

then remove my top, and the garage was not the best for lighting so wandered outside, naked from the neck to waist with a pair of piliers

(dipped in Iodine) in one hand and a TIG rod of about 2" sticking out of my chest

In the sunshine, I placed the pliers on the TIG Rod, both hands on them mit firm grip, breathed in and tugged.

The rod came out and at the same time my lady neighbour across the road walked by and just looked and said "Morning Nige - I won't ask "

So, top tip for TIG welding - don't F sneeze holding a red hot TIG rod and stab yourself in the chest



And yes - it hurts like stink, and No I am trying to keep away from A&E :lol:

Its a fair sized hole, Tig Rod had a fair lump of H-F-H attched to it on exit, place your bets as to if this will heal

or a "Visit" will be required at a future date (please god no, some seem to recognise me now in A&E)


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It's a bit like "don't wear trousers in your boots when cutting with oxy acet", i developed my own form of break dancing when a blob of slag dropped into my shoe !


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I did a slightly similar daft thing last year when working on Neils truck. I had to weld two small bits of metal together, so idiot head on - I griped the two pieces together with the earth clamp, knelt down on the floor with the workpiece between my legs, took aim with the welder, nodded the visor down and pressed the trigger. Freshly cut 1.8mm CCMS wire missed the workpiece entirely and instead buried itself in my left thigh. Luckily enough I wasn't earthed or I might have welded the inside of my leg. Nevertheless it was excruciatingly painful and I've never dropped my kecks so fast in all my life to look at the damage. Just a pin hole, but it bled quite a lot for a while, and was damned sore for a few days too.

Amazing the stupid things we sometimes do.


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Must be onto the second book of Nige's workshop injuries and disasters LR4x4 fundraising by now.

I used to think I was accident prone, then along came Nige :hysterical:

Hope you've had it looked at by those who know what they're doing this time. No more H-F-H DIY surgery eh? If that swells up someone might think you've turned into a woman :hysterical: :hysterical:

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Un-be-fricken'-lievable :lol:

Remember the thumb and how easy that could have been if it had been caught in-time? Hint.... TBH, you probably don't need A&E, just go to the docs for a dose of antibiotics to fight infection, I really don't want to see a photo of your manly chest oozing puss and stuff (where's the emoticon for chucking-up?)!!!

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It'll be fine , its been cauterized.. :ph34r:


I'd go to the Doc's , or maybe even a different hospital that you haven't used lately.. :P

I was expecting the sneeze to result in you knocking the bench and the diffs rolling onto the floor via some toes , so maybe you got off lightly :lol:



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Who's up for a chipping in for a web cam in Nige's workshop? could get some cracking Youtube clips!

On a different note, Is it me or has JeffR been really quiet recently?

I don't know if Nige has shamed him into silence or if he's accidentally amputated his own head with an adjustable spanner and a tin of WD40...........:lol:

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Had a good rummage in the 'hole' with my new surgical tweezers and scalpel,

Removed some bits of skin and a small scab, just a bit of puss,and what looked

like a bit of burnt clothing. Then filled the hole by lying on my back with a bottle of Iodine,

a loaded cotton bud and then letting it drip into and fill the hole :moglite:

Other than a bit of squealing on my part, from the neat iodine today its not as angry looking,

so will keep and eye on it - don't really want to waste a GPs time (Hopefully :lol:)


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