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Very Fine mesh - where from


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In a vain attempt to try to keep my rad core clear of extreme debris (when I last did some deep wading I ended up with a rad full of watery bind weed !) I have a plan, but part of that includes a fine mesh mounted somehow on the rear of the 90 slatted grill

So, I am after about as fine a mesh as possible that will have the least effect on air flow

Any ideas what and where from please ??


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I am after about as fine a mesh as possible that will have the least effect on air flow.


Conflicting demands, I feel.

It's effect on airflow will be noticeable, but not perhaps sufficiently to be noticeable while everything is clean, but what if you went into the 'watery bindweed' with the mesh in place? Remember the original chaff guard was there to deal with just that - DRY chaff, not lengths of wet bindweed, or liquid mud.

The mesh will clog up with the weed, or liquid mud, and even if there is space between the grill and the radiator, try running the vehicle with the grill blanked off to see how cooling is effected.

How will you clear the fine grill of obstructing weed / mud?

Is it the speed of competition that stops you following the tried and tested practice of stopping to drape a fertiliser sack over the outside of the grill, removing it when the 'water' has been waded through?

If you really insist on a solution that involves you keeping your backside in the seat, I can only suggest fitting an electric fan in front of the radiator, but making a 'blade assembly' that incorporates draught excluding brushes having the tips wiping over the face of the radiator. The brushes may not stop the weed / mud collecting, but would (should) wear away the weed / liquid mud that collects. You could use a fine mesh in front of the radiator as the collection point / wearing surface that interfaces with the brushes. This would stop the gills in the radiator being folded over by the brushes.

If you can keep the blades AND the brushes in the 'blade assembly' you might also benefit from an increased airflow, counteracting the restriction caused by any additional fine mesh.


PS. I see you have ~£230 with which to implement my idea, if you don't use an original chaff guard :-)

(It would be too small anyway, as it's made for narrow Series radiators (45 x 87cm)).


Having found the same item on ebay I see it is designed for the Defender, and can be bought via ebay for 'only' £90 (free P&P).

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Have a look here: http://www.expandedmetalcompany.co.uk/metal_laths.html

Whatever you do, I'd suggest fitting the screen to some sort of frame and make it easy to remove for cleaning. You _will_ get stuff going through the mesh-holes and getting stuck. It's far easier to take the screen out when it clogs than try to clean it in-situ.

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If you're looking for a solution to the problem of debris in the radiator, then putting protection in front of it is a 'fix-it' solution. It doesn't tackle the root cause - namely that the filth and the radiator are in the same place.

A proper solution would be to move your radiator.

Or some kind of free-flowing filter arrangement - something like a cyclonic filter to provide free flowing air to the radiator, but that's a little overcomplicated.

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I saw someone using scaffold safety mesh once, hung across the front of the std grille. It catches the muck and clogs up, so you take it off, shake the mud out and refit.

It's a flexible mesh possibly nylon, oh and green when it's clean.

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