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Share your LR Plan(s) for 2017

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Hi All,


Having had a BIG electrical fire, nearly losing the 90, but saved thank goodness :wub: ...and being madly busy with all things Megasquirt & Diffs, I have only now having taken time off and had some help too managed to get it rewired, with a few other rewpairs and upgrades and yes its finally running again.

Theres no insides LOL so loads still to do, but with renewed entusiasm now I hear it running I have a list of "PLans for 2017" for it, some of which may be of interest here and I will do reports / write ups on some


so - apart from No 1 my possible projects for 2017 are - In no particular order :


  • Finish the assembly of the inside so its a driveable LR90 :wub:
  • Possibly Fit a Pair of Mazda RX8 seats I have in the back of the shed (with quick release Homemade fittings for battery box etc)
  • If so possibly also fit  2 x Harnesses for off road use
  • sort out the mess of soleniods and wiring and leaks for air systems
  • Fit /Upgrade the brakes to the BIG HD 130 jobbies for additional braking power (good idea with a 350 BHP 5.2 V8)
  • Advise and post up on the Prototype Megasquirt parts now being fitted to it
  • Write for Customers (and post here too) a A-Z simple guide in using Tuner Studio and tuning with it etc etc
  • Possibly upgrading the front Winch to a new Red Twin Motor Hydro + Home made Winch bumper project
  • Possible Headlamp High Pressure Power Wash Kit  for 90s etc (a new xcess4x4.com Project / Product)
  • And as few other things ......


So, what are your plans for your LR in 2017 ?


Post up !


Nige :rolleyes:


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Fit bonnet Gas ram kit. Ask Nige how he is doing quick release seats. :-)  Fit stereo (with maybe some tweeters).  Redo hydrulic tank to be maybe a touch smaller and fix my return pipe in the tank to be submerged (oops). Maybe a pedal lock box. Rear door stay. Maybe upgrade the washers. Stop it leaning over slightly. Refurb seat box repaired fitted. Get MOT.

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The racer

 - Fit new shocks (either remote reservoir or coilovers)

 - Improver wipers

 - Improve body work

 - Sort out god awful exhaust rattle!!

 - (Maybe fit D2 axles)

The 90

 - Fit heated winscreeen (with associated wiring)

 - Make it quieter

 - Sort out gearbox noise!

 - Sort out bodywork, add paint and re-sticker

We'll see how much of this actually gets done this time next year!!

(Here's hoping some of it gets done) 



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Not rating my chances of having an actual land rover on the drive in the next year... so I'll go with finishing sorting out the garage - paint the rest of the walls, finish loft boarding the roof trusses, install the sink and plumb it in. Lighting in the loft area and maybe a water heater for the sink. Hopefully some decent shelving, and tool racks on the walls.

If I have all that done by the end of the year I'll be pretty happy!

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Find a non buggered 4.6 block and build that up, then fit it into the 110. 

Maybe go for multipoint LPG instead of BLOS, depending on how the BLOS copes with a 4.6.

Change the knackered windscreen seal.

Sort out remote central locking. 

Sort out the crappy radio aerial. 

Various odd maintenance jobs.... 

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Jobs for my 109:

Finish fitting the Eberspacher (there will be a write up). 

Put some insulation on the sides/floor 

Redo the exhaust in 3" stainless. 'Cos flames. Innit. 

Get to Leafers at T'Pit this year. 

Do a little laning in the summer. 

Figure out the conundrum I caused by mounting the V8 high and forwards, meaning drive to a capstan isn't possible from the crank nose. 

Rebuild the noisy LT85

General jobs:

Overhaul my spare axles, steering box & relay, gearbox/transfer boxes (plus a million other bits) ready for finding a knackered 88 to restore. 

Build a trailer to house mobile workshop type stuff. 

Finish my jet engine (turboshaft). Purely for giggles, noise and flames. And to fit in a lawn mower :rolleyes: maybe. 

If you want a natter and some encouragement for the 109, Fridge, it appears I'm just down the road from you. Was reading your ambulance thread, and realized you're local! 

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Hmmm I have two landy orientated plans (neither involve landys lol )

Where I'm working finish stripping the motor and box from the donor car, CAD the motor and box in 3D then sort the design for the chassis and cage build a chassis table that I can roll in and out of the container and start to build the chassis for the toy series 

And on the one weekend in three I get home build the new workshop lay the concrete floor and wire it up so I have a new shed.... then move in! 

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My Landrover related plans for 2017 are;

  • fit a new airconditioning condensor to the RRSport, and get it regassed. Get the gearbox rebuilt.
  • do those final little jobs that have have been meaning to get done on the Range Rover Classic...paint the tailgate black, finish the retrim of the sunroof aperture strip.
  • sell the RRC which needs to go to fund the restoration of my P38, and make space in the garage.
  • have a big garage clear out and get rid of my old RRC/Defender parts.
  • fit a new roller garage door to replace the bust up and over. Hopefully the RRSport will then fit in.
  • fit new brake discs and pads to the F2 in my then sorted garage.
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Lots of Buzzweld products.

New shocks

Quickshift? Try and find the time to talk to Shabs Percy about the 1st to 2nd change

Major service

Maybe stiffer springs

Or maybe just sell it...



Soundproofing - Deadmat

Better exhaust

Small tune

Lots of Buzzweld products

Sort out wheels - if the Dutchman turns up with the Disco rims

Finish the aux loom

Fit new rear LED light bar work light

Re-build drivers seat squab - or replace seat...


So much it scares me




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  • Welder should be bought a week tomorrow so I plan to get that up and running.
  • Build engine test stand from drawings purchased last year.
  • Aquire a donor (hopefully just about running) 4.6 and service as needed.
  • Wrap up associated electric zf box for an after on the road project!
  • Pick and purchase lighting so that wiring loom plans can be finalised.
  • Plan and start to build bulkhead and floor to suit under seat tanks.

That's plenty, especially as there's a new member of the household due in April which is bound to through all of my plans back! If things go spectacularly well this year then getting the megasquirt off the drawing board and firing up the engine on the test stand would be huge bonus for the year. Jan 2018 will hopefully be chassis purchase, but I need to be 100% sure of what I want first! Moving engine back a bit and chopping off a bit of the chassis at the back have both raised their heads as options in the last half of 2017!

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