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Some methods used may not be recommended

by other recognized official bodies,

but are non-the-less tried and tested methods.

If you feel that these methods are unsafe, then

consult other official bodies for an alternative method.

Always use correct axle stands and jacking/safety PPE

equipment before commencing work on/under any vehicle


then I can add it to the relevant section. 



Discovery 2 - The Three Amigoes

need to know wheel offset, PCD or centre bore sizes

Disc brakes for Series Land Rovers

Longer wheel studs for defender

Axle removal/repair

Rover axle shaft specs

Rear Axle removal and repairs

Steering guard bolt size

DIY tracking

diff pinion seal 300TDI Discovery

Ultimate Diff protector

How a Diff works

Defender Handbrake sticking

RR or Discovery 1 handbrake lever fit to a 90 or 110 Defender [1983 to 2016 only]

Diff ratios

ARB info/Fitting/electrics/fitment list etc

ARB Solenoids

ABS diagnostics 1

ABS diagnostics 2

ABS Brake bleeding

Freelander ABS sensor replacement


Bodywork/Chassis etc

A guide to Defender bodyside graphics

How to fit forward facing seats in a pre-Puma 90

Defender 2nd Row seat box

Defender Door Repair Project

Defender door frame repair guide

Painting info for LR body panels

200/300TDI engine mounts/chassis mounting

Rangie/Discovery Sill replacement

RR rear floor and cross member replacement

Chassis dimensions

Aide to under bonnet cooling

Discovery cage/bumpers/protection

Discovery window regulator replacement

Discovery rear quarter panel removal

Discovery1 clock removal

Defender dash upgrade

Defender Bulkhead compatibility

Defender body capping replacement

Defender Crossmember upgrades

Bulkhead Galvanising and prep using a TD5 on early models

Defender 2 part split rear door

Discovery 1 inner wing repair

Replacing Station Wagon side windows

Discover window lift repair

Range Rover/Discovery wheel arch trimming

Side window fitting in a Defender

Defender Windscreen replacement

Disco 2A headlamp bulb upgrade/fix

Disco2 leaking sunroof

Defender fuel cap upgrade

Defender Body Removal

Aerocatch flush fitting bonnet pins

Greasable, slop free, rebuildable Defender door hinges

90 V8 fuel tank removal



Mirror Switch Repair, D1,RRC,FrLand, FORD!! etc

"supercharging" your heater

Bad earth fault finding

Vehicle towing electrics, LR start on page 228.

Fitting Advanced Alternator Regulator to 300tdi

How does the Alternator power the battery?

Engine will not turn off? Fuel cut off solenoid stays on. How to fix.

10AS Pin Out

Discovery 300Tdi bumper mounted rear lights

How to wire spotlights

12/24v stuff split charging etc

Useful wiring info

Carling switch wiring

Battery cut off

Low Coolant Alarm

Madman EGT Gauge

VDO gauge info

A127 magnetti marinelli Alternator reconditioning

wiring colours Land Rover

A127 alternator regulator replacement

Nanocom Diagnostics/Fault Codes

Defender rear wiper motor refurb

Definitive-rear-wiper-wiring-for-amr3676 or LR078424 in to a earlier 90 or 110.

Alarm spider/non starting/intermittent starting issues

Discovery 1 electric seat switch repair

Twin alternator set up

Twin Fan install

200TDI glow plug connections

200Tdi retro-fit info Disco ∨ R/Rover Classic 200Tdi into a Defender

Split charging

Heated rear window relay

Defender fan speed from 2 to 3 modification

Adding intermittent wash/wipe to an older 90-110

Variable Intermittent Wiper Modification

Defender intermittent wipers

Split charging 2

Dual alternators

Intermittent rear wash wipe on a defender

Intermittent rear wiper installation for Defender

Park brake warning light

V8 ECU problems

V8 HT Lead layout

Rover 4.6 P38 Engine Wiring Diagram, About to squirt a p38 lump

Electronic Ignition

300TDI alarm keyfob battery changing

Defender wiper switch internals and spring position

Alternator upgrades

Headlamp upgrades

300TDI wiring diagrams

How to replace wiper motor park switch

Hazard Switch & Indicators - fault diagnosis,

Defender heated front screen

The Definitive Alarm Spider Post

Defender/Disco/Freelander front wing side indicator repeater lamps

Extra front light switch & wiring for Td5 Defenders

Upgrading headlight wiring

TD5 fuel pump electric plug?

Td5 Gauges – Bulb Information

Td5 Speedo Mileage run up circuit

fitting Td5 dash into earlier models thread [wibbly wobbly speedo]

TD5 Dash install

new light for Td5 hazard warning switch

2nd alternator on a TD5

TD5 dash into earlier models connectors etc

TD5 Stater Solenoid Contacts

1999 model year Td5 wiring diagrams

TD5/PUMA central locking distance fix


Engines Diesel/Petrol/Gas

LR genuine 200tdi retrofit instructions

Replacing the starter ring at home

Changing 300 TDi valve stem seals with head on

300Tdi ROW fuel line fittings

Fitting a 300Tdi into a older pre Tdi 90 or 110

Replacing the Front CrankShaft Oil Seal - TIP

Bosch Injection Pump repair by Simonb

Oil pressure switches/specs

2.5 N/A head gasket replacement

Injection pump information

300TDi vin range/info re cambelt kits

300TDI water pump replacement

300TDI tappets adjusting/checking/setting

Auto oil cooler relocation

Tuning the 2.25


Megasquirt 3

Megasquirt tech

Megasquirt full install

Megajolt installation

Tdi Injection Pump Breather Leak

TDi injector spill return pipe issues

200TDI cambelt change

300TDI cambelt and kit 2

300TDI aux drive belt tensioner bearing change

sealing the 200-300TDI Airbox

Fitting a 200TDI Disco engine into a defender

Adding an intercooler to a S111

Fitting an EGT Gauge

EGT response times

200/300TDI tuning

VNT turbo info

Catalyst removal on 300TDI Disco/Defender

Td5 engine surging/turbo overboost

Waterproofing a V8

V8 Basics leads/cap/rotor etc

Stripping a Turbo

Cambelt failure reasons/suggestions

Injection pump seal replacement in situ

Injector removal

Dealing with a snapped spark plug

300TDI thermostat replacement

200-300 TDI head gasket Info

Series lift pump replacement

Adjusting tappets

Intermediate gasket

300TDI cylinder head removal

2.5 N/A timing belt replacement

Freelander 1.8 timing belt change

The proper way to build a V8 by Ian Bull Car Cowboy

Rover V8 - Head Bolts AND Inlet Manifold Bolts - order

200Tdi oil dipstick loose & LR Tech Bulletin on how to fix it

Fitting a 200Tdi hand throttle

300Tdi Vacuum Pump Oil Leak repair

Piston Failue.pdf


Gearbox/Transfer box/Overdrive/Underdrives

Roamer drive noise problem on a Defender

Speedo driver gear list

 TD5 auto XYZ switch stripdown

 LT85 20c solid case rebuilt

R380 Discovery box to Defender box- shifting mechanism

Freelander drivetrain

R380 rebuild

LT77 Rebuild

Slave Cylinder replacement

Slave cylinder push rod

Defender clutch change

TD5 and Late TDi master cylinder change

Identifying gearboxes

LT230 rebuild

LT230 leak fix without strip down

A-Z of gearing

Tip for fitting a Transfer Box

Options for reducing gearing ratios

Crawler box install

 GKN Overdrive - thoughts on

GKN overdrive fitting to a Defender

 GKN Overdrive Strip Down

Output shaft oil seal repair

LT230 front output bearing replacement

Adapting an LT77 to fit a V8

Testing a Viscous Coupling

Transfer Box Ratios

Discovery clutch change

Auto gearbox kickdown cable adjusting caution!

LT230 rear bearing and seal replacement

Bell housings

LT230 2wd conversion

X-Eng handbrake fitting to a defender

X-brake servicing

Freelander drivetrain set up



Land Rover Manuals NZ website

MOD 90/110 TUM[HS] Manuals

101 winch PTO repair and overhaul manual


Link for more manuals

GKN Overdrive owners handbook & fitting instructions

Delphi Lucas CAV DPS information


Zeus tables

MOT Testers Manual

Individual vehicle approval [IVA] information.

IVA requirements V8 Flapper diagnostics

V8 hotwire EFI

Defender Water Ingress Manual



Webasto Thermotop C problems & a solution.

Fuel Injector Information

Defender Triple Wiper Upgrade

windscreen crank gear on a Defender

How to replace the lock barrel on a Defender fuel cap – pre TD5.

TD5 Fuel Cap Key

Veg Oil Install on A Defender TDI

Megajolt install

K&N Filters

Aluminium specs

Bandsaw blades specs/selection

Removing snapped halfshafts insitu

Defender Safari Snorkel template

Defender central locking install

Defender wiper upgrade

Eberspacher install in a 110

Defender heater checks

300TDI vacum pump repair

Faulty goods/bad workmanship/warranty issues

Mig welders/tips/advice etc

How can I assess the weldability of materials

Rivnut fixing -- [Video]

Sharpening drill bits

RR seat reset

Defender buying guide

Tool Sizes for specific jobs

Fixing/Servicing a Tubela tube bender

EPC with Windows XP

EPC Removal

EPC using Windows Vista

Good ideas

Conversion tables

Onboard air threads links

PDAs/GPS etc

PDA port splitter

Tyre valve protection

V8 Auto conversion

Intermittent rear wash wipe on a Defender

Welding Equipment

Setting up Radios and SWR on CB etc

Fitting a CB to a Defender

DVLA points system

Knots and all you needed to know about them

Spark plug info

Oil and filter change

Fuel filter change

TD5 fuel pump checking/replacement insitu

TD5 Defender 110 Auxiliary fuel tank

Fitting Helicoils

Discovery Dim clock display?

Drop arm ball joint

Stazwork double bead locks

Tubed/Tubless wheels and the difference

Cutom V8 exhaust

Viscous Fan operation

Disco 300TDI replacement for a 2.5TD into a Defender

Fitting Webasto Thermotop DW50 into a 90/110.

How to convert TDI to Veg oil



Prop shaft lengths

Disco2 prop on a defender(vibration) problems solved

Bespoke Propshaft for a 90

Propshafts and UJs

UJ replacement



Rollcage specs/Blue book

ALRC roll cage regs

Roll cages

Roll cage tube info

Welding a cage in a Defender

Defender storage lockers


Front Diff guards

Strengthened cross member

110 station wagon internal roll cage install

Defender wing bars

Northoffroad wing bars


Recovery ideas/Equip

Recovery info

Recovery points

Tow straps

Strops etc

Recovery points

Mounting a high lift jack



Mini Tech - How to set your tracking on your own !

rubber boots for steering ball joints on track & drag link rods

Overhaul of a 200 TDI Power Steering Pump

Hockey stick/Radius arm bush fitting

PAS box rebuild and mods

RR Eas valve replacement

Defender Suspension upgrades/Lift etc

Radius arm bush changing

Hockey stick/Radius arm bush fitting

Castor correction

Spring info


300TDI PAS pump replacement

Shock absorber lengths

LR Suspension - Springs For All

Changing air suspension bladders

Steering wheels-what fits what

Steering gone stiff/tight spots lock to lock?

Replacing a V8 power steering pump in a 110

90 suspension upgrade

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